Wednesday, August 6, 2014

It's Been One Month!

We arrived July 6th here in our new home ... it's been one month today and I can't believe it!

We went from one empty house ..

to putting our touches on it here and there ... and also got somewhere to sit! :)

I think I said before .. I have a project going for behind the love seat on the wall. I need a paper/photo cutter though to finish it. {I'll make sure to post it when it's done}

 Filled up our counter tops (I'm making THIS tonight)

We've (Jeff has) put up some things on our walls ... (check it out here)

In the past month I've gotten a little more familiar with the area. I know where the commissary, home store, MCX, library, car wash, community center, east gym are all on base. We are best friends with 7-Eleven is in town because I can't wait for a Slurpee every night. I've also been to the Stater Bro's grocery store in town, just to check things out (the commissary is cheaper.). We have two dollar stores in town that I've gone to for greeting cards. Of course I'm familiar with the pool and all the lifeguards there.. I've even met a few nice girls at the pool!

We've traveled a little, down to Palm Springs, Indio (for shopping), LAX (to drop a buddy at the airport), and Anaheim for the weekend (read about that trip HERE and HERE).

It's getting to feel more and more like home.

People say living with your new husband is something to get used to, but really ... it's been great. Living with my husband and best friend is great. Not much to get used to! I'm not even sugar coating it for the blog! haha!! :)

Hopefully that time of being apart at the beginning will help us not to take each other for granted :) We are having a blast! :)

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