Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Blog Catch Up Since April 2012

Life has been a little busy ... I haven't even been reading the blogs ... I'm so sorry I've neglected you little blog. It's not you ... it's me.

This has been what life has been like:

Went to our first (and only .. ahemmm) Tiger game of the season

We've been cruising.
We've been drinking (on the cruise)
We've been on a private island.
We've been hanging on deck 4.
Jeff's hockey team won the championship.
Won some awards. (A winning couple haha)

Helped plan a wedding shower (toilet paper bride game went over especially well)

Hung around with old friends.

Spent time with my best friend (and bride to be)
Had some sweet moments.
Read some books.
Had some HOT weather ... (and cute backwards hats!)
Planted some flowers.

Got our hands dirty.
Celebrated Mother's Day.
Tried to stay organized.
Got a new toy. (Thanks Jeff!)
Had a picnic on the porch.
Saved Jeff.
Baby Jonathan was baptized.

Caught some fish.
Got the boat up and running.
Got a sweet Kindle Touch! (THANKS JEFF!)
AND read the whole series of Fifty Shades of Grey.

Went on a ROAD TRIP through the mountains to North Carolina with Jeff!
Stayed at the Esmeralda in Chimney Rock, NC

Was a bridesmaid.

Celebrated this beautiful couples wedding.

Enjoyed time with my amazing boyfriend.

Loved on my amazing boyfriend.

Had our old deck...

Torn down ...
And this beautiful patio built!
And watched every step of the way.

Volunteered and organized the First Annual Golf For Courage Outing
for Courageous Kids

Spent time with some incredible girls for an incredible cause.

Worked the golf outing with my mom.

Enjoyed time with a good friend.

Had a blast.

In other news ... and don't think I forgot ... Jeff's nephew Liam was born in Florida too! I don't have pictures because I haven't met him yet, but I'm SO excited to soon! 

We've lived life to the fullest around here the last couple of months! 
Thanks for stopping by!