Friday, August 22, 2014

No More Pop! Let's Celebrate 1,096 Days!

Today marks the celebration of my 3 year anniversary ... anniversary with WHAT you might ask?

The day I gave up pop.

I accidentally had ONE root beer float ...
I had ONE root beer float on purpose... ;) 
But that's in THREE YEARS!

I went from drinking 6 Diet Coke's A DAY ... to none at all.

People ask me:

How did you do it? The answer is simple. I just stopped. Yes it was still in the house. I just decided one day that I wasn't comfortable with the amount of pop I drank .. and that it couldn't be healthy. I also didn't like that I somewhat relied on pop to function in my day to day life. 

Did I get headaches at first?
Yep. I drank unsweetened iced tea for caffeine which helped a TON. Your body isn't used to going from a TON of caffeine to NONE .. so the iced tea was a way for me to get the caffeine, avoid the headaches, cut back and also avoid all the sugar and chemicals. 

Did you  lose weight because of it?
No I didn't, but I hear of other lucky people who did.

Is it tough to stick with it?
It was at first. Diet Coke was my answer to everything. If I was hungry, Diet Coke. If I was thirsty, Diet Coke. If I needed a break from work and couldn't get away from my desk, Diet Coke. If I was mad, Diet Coke. So for that reason, it was tough. Pop was my friend ... BUT when I put a plan in place for what I'd do when I wanted one, it became easy. I drank water and tea when I wanted a drink. I curbed the headaches. I brought water and tea with me to parties .. you WOULDN'T BELIEVE the number of people who host and only offer pop.

What the heck DO you drink?
 Water (sometimes with lemon juice, MIO flavoring or by itself). Iced Tea (unsweetened). Wine ;) 

Do you miss it? No. I was surprised by how quickly I got over the need for pop. I actually had a sip of my moms a few months after I gave it up .. by mistake and I couldn't believe how gross it tasted. I was a DIET Coke girl .. and after going without for a few months and tasting hers, it tasted like regular, but very thick and syrupy. Gross. I will tell you ONCE in a blue moon I'll have a craving for a Diet 7 Up or Sprite type drink. That's funny to me, since I didn't drink that.. but whatever ;) 

I challenge YOU to give up pop. Maybe it's not controlling your life, but it's just not good for you.

  • One can of pop can have up to 10 teaspoons of sugar in it. The recommended daily intake for sugar is SIX ... which you're probably just getting from your FOOD.
  • The phosphoric acid in pop makes it difficult on your body to intake calcium which leads to the softening of bones.
  • There is no nutritional value to pop at all.
  • Heart attack and stroke risks increase with daily pop drinking.
  • All the sugar in pop can cause plaque build up and cause you problems in your teeth.
  • Studies have shown that you actually eat MORE when you drink pop.

There are many reasons, these are just a few .. really, you just have to choose yourself  and your health over pop. You can do it.

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