Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Good News ... and Bad News

Both the good news and the bad news are completely unrelated ... however:

The good news is: Mom, Dad, Jeff and I had all started Weight Watchers together on Monday January 16th ...... and I've LOST 10.5 LBS TO DATE (about two weeks)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeekk! Are you as happy about this as I am??? Hopefully you aren't or that would be weird, but I am THRILLED about this.

EVERYONE is doing super awesome and we are all THAT much more willing to stick to the plan. I lost 9 the first week and 1.5 the second week (which is more like how it's supposed to go). With Weight Watchers they are all about portion sizes and how much you eat in one day. We have our WW books which tell us what foods are what points and an awesome WW cookbook... almost all veggies and fruits are zero points so you can pretty much eat as much healthy food as you want! No reason to ever really be hungry! We have also been writing down everything we eat to help us keep track of where our points are. 

I started off with 31 points per day (which is figured by a WW calculator) and now I have 29 per day since I lost all that weight. Do I have before and after pictures? No. Do I wish I did? Yea, kinda. Would I share them here? Absolutely not ;) I'll tell you another benefit of doing this together, is I think it's bringing us closer together. My parents absolutely LOVE having Jeff over for dinners. He had to work a bunch of overtime last week and they were like "aw man .. we liked having him around for dinner!" So stinkin cute. I love that they love him too.

I'll tell you what, if I can eat 3 Oreos with a 1/2 cup of milk per night and STILL loose this kind of weight .. this is the diet for me! True story. We just measure EVERYTHING out .. we bought a handy little digital scale and weigh lunch meats and chicken etc. Honestly, it's more work than making a normal sandwich / meal / etc but it's not too bad and totally worth it!

What is the bad news you ask?
 My Project Life 2012 is N.O.T. up to date ... is it killing you? It's killing me. Snapfish took forever to mail me my prints ... or maybe I uploaded them super late ... but at this point, I'm blaming them. 
I'll be working on it and posting new pics eventually .. come on .. two PL weeks in a row I was ready a day early, you couldn't have thought THAT would last for long ;)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Life 2012 - Week 2

Hi There!

I have a totally new outlook this year on Project Life ... I'm planning ahead more with sketches and I'm liking how each week is turning out more and more! Tuesday I will be linking up with The Mom Creative - the link is below!

Here's my 2012 Week 2:

I used some stickers, pretty tape for decoration, movie stubs and a coaster I stole borrowed, and the movie poster of the movie we saw this week .. as well as some digital pieces from the digital Project Life kit as well :) LOVING that I could add a few little bits right on the picture of Cullen!

The Mom Creative

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Photo Printing Prices

Hey Everyone!

I've been researching prices for printing 4x6 prints because we all know how much I love Project Life. I'm particularly excited for Project Life 2012! If you don't know why or what I love Project Life so much for ... click here to see my 2011 posts or click here to see Becky Higgins products and descriptions!

Warning: As you can already see ... this post will be full of links - this is not to be obnoxious, but hopefully to help.

Back to the photo printing ...  you will know that this will be over 300 pictures by the end of the year and this can REALLY add up $$. If you are like me, you like to try and keep up (not always as easy as it sounds) so if I can print my pictures each week .. it helps keep me up to date. I also like to link up on the Project Life Tuesdays over at The Mom Creative, which means I like to have my pictures printed and in my album by Monday night. I usually have to print 5 to 10ish prints per week. I don't like paying a fortune **who does??** and that leads me to my research below .. hopefully this will help you? Maybe it will help you find something a little more convenient for your situation? Let me know! Leave a comment! What do you think? Note that I did not include the prepay options and or the bulk order options because that is not the way I run my PL :)

So away we go!!

Walmart has $.09 prints + shipping (charges to your home prices were not available online BUT if you have them shipped to your local store there is no charge for shipping!!) for delivery.

Snapfish has $.09 prints + shipping ($.50+) for delivery. I believe they also give you a bonus of free prints when you first sign up as well.

Rite Aid has $.09 prints + shipping (pricing unavailable on the site) for delivery to your home.

Walgreens has $.12 prints + shipping for delivery to your home.

Walmart, Sams Club & Cost Co. have $.13 prints for pick up at their stores.

Cost Co. also has a delivery option where the Ground shipping is free at the same $.13 rate.

Rite Aid has pick up, Target and Shutterfly have delivery for $.15 prints.

All of the following are $.19 prints:
CVS pick up, Rite Aid pick up, Walgreens pick up, Shutterfly to pick up at Target, Shutterfly to pick up at CVS, Shutterfly to pick up at Walgreens, Snapfish to pick up at Walgreens, Snapfish to pick up at Walmart, Snapfish to pick up at Meijer.

I did this research today, January 13th 2012 and I'm hoping I got it all as accurate as possible. Please feel free to email me or leave a comment if I made a mistake and I will correct it, as I am hoping to help others save a little money and/or find the convenience they need!

I have ordered things from Cost Co, Sams Club, Shutterfly and Walgreens and have been happy with their products ...and I will be trying the other (cheap) ones as we go from week to week to test time frames and quality of the others that I have listed today.



Monday, January 9, 2012

Hello Project Life Twenty Twelve! Week 1

Hello Project Life 2012! I've been waiting for you!

I have been SOO pumped to get into my Clementine kit, it's not even funny. Finally I finished my 2011 project yesterday .. and it just so happens that I also completed my WEEK 1 for 2012!

So, while I'm seeing all this amazing Title Page Inspiration, I have not committed ... and things still look like this ....

BUT nonetheless, I am SO excited to show you Week 1!

This year I am doing things a bit different:
- Trying to use the sewing machine more
- Doing my layouts weekly, instead of the picture a day
- I am going to keep up!
- Trying to be more creative with my layouts
I'm sure there are more to add to this list, but I'm in a hurry since we started back to daycare today :)

Enjoy WEEK 1! Let me know what you think! (SO proud of myself too .. done two days before Tuesday link ups! WOO HOO!)

The Mom Creative

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Project Life Tuesday participants!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Project Life 2011: Complete!

Hey Guys!
Anyone excited to have their 2011's completed?! I'm SO pumped .. and LOVING the way it turned out!

No longer does my PL look like this:

Here's the ending of 2011 .. you will notice that the dates are not included ... this is September - December I think:

 Started including Instagram photos which has been fun ..

 Using a few digital lay outs / backgrounds and tapes. Can't wait to do more if this next year!

Add ins like this menu .. and journaling on the back about the day.

 More Instagram pics ... Some tags from my favorite clothes from Christmas and parts of some of our favorite Christmas cards.

 More Instagram & digital backgrounds (Lights Before Christmas)

 Tried a digital journaling card ... loved the way it turned out!

 And finally one last insert back and front with the top 10 songs of 2011 and...
 the average prices in the Midwest for 2011 :)

2012 awaits us! Let's celebrate! :)
Oops: I need to write in the date completed! January 8, 2012! Woot woot!

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Anyone who is checking out my Blog .. please leave a comment - I would love to know you stopped by and or that anyone looks at this at all, haha. If you don't blog, click on "Post a comment" and then choose the anonymous option .. just leave your name in the actual comment! Happy Living ... Happy Blogging!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Project Life 2011 ...

Yet again, another confession from inside my mind :

Post It notes and all.

But fear not, I have been diligently working on it - and I hope to have it finalized within the next few days.

I can NOT wait to get my hands on my Clementine Kit .. loving those colors and the new papers and the .... no ... no ... I can't look at it yet ... I'm still in Turquoise and I WILL finish!! :)

Loving this project because it is everything I want it to be and nothing I don't.