Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Care Package!

Our mailbox has been filled with love from our friends and family back home ... it has been SO nice to have our fridge covered with cards and pictures :) It makes us feel like we aren't so far away!

This morning ... our mailman brought us something else :)

A CARE PACKAGE full of goodies from my mom!!!

- Detroit shirts (One Tara size and one Jeff size)   :)
- Papercraft magazines for card making inspiration
- Detroit coasters (Vernors, Saunders, Buddy's Pizza and Detroit Tigers)
- A paper cutter, for my photo project!
- MIO (can't get enough!!!!)
- Cute cupcake papers with little decor
- "Love you guys" sign
- Cardstock and envelopes
- Lemon peel (I was asking mom this week if I could leave it out of a recipe, to save money and then I wouldn't have to buy it for just this one dinner I'm making ... such a sweet Momma!!!)
and last but not least ...
- My CPR and First Aid certificates :) haha

We had the best time opening this care package and we can't wait to use everything ...
Thank you, Mom!!! We love you!!! 

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