Saturday, August 2, 2014

A Saturday Morning Alone

This is how I'm starting my Saturday morning!

Enjoying my living room .. chai tea latte .. Minnie Mouse Mrs. Mug ... and Channing Tatum.
I got out our "Willman" and "All you need is love" signs .. as well as a few lanterns from our wedding ... a nice relaxing Saturday morning. Almost perfect, except my husband isn't here to enjoy it with. He's working today. We should be thankful though, he was supposed to LEAVE for the month the week we got here and that turned into only a few weekends of work :) 

I FaceTimed this little stinker. I absolutely love technology. FaceTime makes being away so much easier. I get to SEE my people, my family ... it's so amazing and it makes 2200 miles not feel quite so far.

I went to the gym in our complex lastnight and did 40+ mins on the bike while I read my book. You would think the two don't go well together but when my mind is busy, I push harder :)  This was my view on the way home. It really is beautiful out here. I can't seem to take a picture that does it justice. Yes they have GRASS near the gym. Sometimes I want to just roll around in it - HAHA! It's a hot commodity around here.

I also thought I would give you an update on unpacking. Our kitchen is looking awesome. I swear I'm not THIS materialistic of a person .. but nothing makes me happier than this cabinet of white plates and bowls.

All our goodies for leftovers ...

...and my little bit of Michigan, here. Our spices from Alden {thanks Mom!} .. and Pampered Chef :)

And the moment I've been waiting for all my life .. aside from our wedding of course: 
Unpacking our very own KitchenAid mixer into our very own home!  EEEeeeeekkkkkk!!!

Thanks for reading up! :) 

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