Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Massage, Hanging Stuff Up Party, a Cricket Battle and a Slurpee

Guess what I got yesterday! A *FREE* massage. Yep, that's right. A company from town comes in and sets up a "massage day" for the residents here! It was a 30 minute massage and afterwards they had water, pop, sandwiches and THESE COOKIES ... okay .. again not on the diet.. but I went for it. #sorrynotsorry

 Jeff hung up some things in the house last night - I pretty much danced around the whole time #hangstuffupparty. So we have our cute whiteboard in the kitchen ...

 Our framed and matted wedding invitation in our front hall .. and our "Open your heart to life's journey" in our downstairs bathroom! I love them all! We are making this house a home!

I'm currently battling crickets. I suppose it could be worse ... and it was one thing when the crickets were small ... and brownish green... such as this:

There really wasn't anything I could do, I was even giving in ... but now these black crickets are getting in... and I'm losing my mind. They are MUCH bigger and creepier.

Okay .. they aren't as big as the picture makes it look like. But it's ON. I've kicked two right out the front door in the last 24 hours. I don't know what it is ... but they remind me of Spiderman vs. the Black Spiderman. The black one is much creepier! Haha!

And to end on a happy note ... my husband is THE BEST. He came home with a surprise Slurpee for me last night (and tolerated Pretty Little Liars) ... what a sweetheart! :)

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  1. Nothing's more fun than having cookies on the side, and with a massage to boot. Well, even better. Looks like you've had a pretty splendid day. I suggest that you keep that up as a regular thing, because a massage has lots of benefits to our body and overall health. Kudos!

    William Connors @ The Healing Station


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