Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I'm On My Way..

I dunno where I'm going .. I'm on my way ... 
Ok ok, enough singing!! Yes I do know where I'm going! Michigan! 

Jeff just dropped me off (and got me settled of course) at the USO st LAX.
I seriously, seriously hate saying goodbye to my husband. We've spent so much time apart over the last year and a half that I hate being without him. I haven't slept alone since BEFORE July. This time is for only 5 sleeps, but it already feels like forever. 

So I'm staying at the USO currently. My flight is super early in the morning, so I had to come down tonight. What do you know about the USO? I've stopped by them over the past year or so ... Dropping guys off, picking guys up ... But I myself haven't stayed. I have to tell you how great it is. The USO is a place for any branch of the military and their families. You can stay the night, eat, drink, watch tv, use computers and some you can even shower in. Currently, I have staked out a recliner for myself in the nap room. Every part of it is free and they run on donations. They even have internet and wifi. I keep telling Jeff that if we had one closer to our home, I would volunteer. Our closest airport is an hour and a half away.. But, I think it's incredible. They even have me set up for the person at the front desk to wake me up when I need to get up for my flight. It's just so nice because I could currently be sleeping on a hard airport bench under the fluorescent lights ... No. Fun. 

I'm so thankful for the USO and everything they offer our military. 
Ps, sorry for the lack of pics .... Taking pictures in there would have been just downright creepy with people trying to sleep :) haha

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Very Willman Christmas

A while back, Jeff and I talked about Christmas. We talked about how we were going to celebrate and we decided that we wanted to have our own Christmas before we started traveling. This year is our first Christmas as husband and wife and we wanted to make sure we celebrated that...Celebrated US and started making our own family traditions. So we picked the Saturday before I leave town! 

Friday night was Christmas Eve ... We had dinner and hot chocolate with Christmas movies and we snuggled on the couch and made sure everything was ready for the next day ... Christmas Day! Jeff and I have been making a point to watch our Christmas movies ... We have a pretty good collection, and then throw in Netflix and the 24 days of Christmss on ABC Family and we were totally ready! 

We have watched A Christmas Story (twice), White Christmas, Elf, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Muppetts Christmas Carol, Home Alone ... And I'm sure I'm forgetting some, but you catch my drift. All the awesome movies! 
*all of these were not watched in one day...I feel that I should mention that.

So anyways ... We watched A Christmas a Story for the second time for our Christmas Eve ... We went to bed and waited for Santa to come!

We woke up in the morning, raced downstairs and exchanged gifts, played with Duke, took pictures, listened to Christmas music and I made breakfast. I wish I had a picture of our breakfast, it turned out pretty great if I say so! :) Cream cheese french toast! Mmmmm... 

So here is my sweet little family on our first Christmas:

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Moving News

We've been up.
We've been down.
The last few weeks have been crazy for us.

The day before my mom came to visit, Jeff got his orders. Jeff is used to the Marine Corps telling him where to go already. Me on the other hand ... I'm along for the ride. Please understand that I knew this is how it would be. Please know that it being that way ... Is a whole other thing. It's very emotional. Jeff's orders were taking us to Okinawa Japan. I felt so many things about this news. 

I was so nervous. I think I was BORN nervous. I'm scared if new things and I always have been. 
I was excited, because honestly moving to japan ... Ok let's be honest, even visiting japan is not something that you would find me doing if it weren't for Jeff's job. 
I was thankful for an opportunity and the push to do something that I wouldn't do ... Making me expire nice something new. 
I was also feeling sad about being so far away from my family. Weeks have passed. We have gotten our heads around the idea a bit more and started accepting it. We were really moving to the other side of the world. The paperwork finally came through and it read "unaccompanied" which was a mistake. 

Jeff is a married Marine so I go with him, unless he is deployed. So ... His Master Sergeant, who has been saying all along that he's never seen them send a married first term (first contract... First 4-5 years in the Corps) over seas... Said he was changing the orders. He didn't like it all along that we were going. They didn't even know how to send us properly (LOTS of paperwork and requirements). 

So ... Just a few days ago we found out that we aren't in fact going to Japan for the next three years.  We are being stationed in North Carolina. This is good and bad news. It's great because we get to stay in the country. In the same TIME ZONE as our families even .. Which is amazing. Now, it's bad news (for me) because he is now stationed with an infantry unit. Which means he's attached to their unit and gets deployed with them if they are deployed. The way I understand it is that he will be in the background of whatever they are doing, fixing their radios. His new unit actually deployed today so they will be overseas when we get to NC. As I said, I knew this is how it would be. Things to worry about. But it's all very real these days. Jeff graduates at the end of January and we will hit the road for North Carolina at the beginning of February.

As I said, up, down. Life is crazy. When we were going to Okinawa, I just said to myself that God has a plan for our family. It must be meant to be ... So maybe Camp Lejeune, NC is meant to be!


Thursday, December 11, 2014

A Bakersfield Thanksgiving

Hey Guys! Did you have a great Thanksgiving? Jeff and I spent our first Thanksgiving married together at a friends house. As you know we are stationed in Twentynine Palms, CA so we are a million (2,100) miles away from family. We decided our money would be better spent on buying plane tickets home for Christmas and to stay in CA for Thanksgiving. Our friend Nate and his family were kind enough to ask us to join them to celebrate, just 4 hours away from home.

So I baked some desserts and we hit the road
(Not pictured: Oreo pie and pumpkin roll)
My husband got me a crazy nice gift ... a Nikon D3200 camera package!! Ahhh it was such a surprise ... I'm so so so excited about it. I hope to get a little less rusty in the next few months.

So, like I said - we hit the road ... on our way to Duke's Uncle Holloway's house to celebrate!
Duke is really good in the car. Four hours + and he was great. He loves to sleep in the car!

 So, once we got there and settled ... I played with our new camera!

Look at my boys!

The table was set beautifully ... check out this super cute turkey pumpkin! 

There might have been a few beverages served ...
 The turkey was fried ... with love ...

My boys ...

My husband and I on our first married Thanksgiving ...

 Nate and his momma

Duke was spoiled all weekend ...

And spoiled some more ...

The boys played football in the backyard ...

Hoffman and Duke went for a swim...

And Duke was spoiled some more...

It as much fun as we could have had ... being away from our own families.