Monday, July 28, 2014

Our Shipment!

The day I was waiting for finally came!! The truck delivered all this goodness!!!

{this is just the first floor stuff!!}

We've been busy unpacking! I will say that our kitchen feels more kitchen-ey already!
But we still aren't finished ... check back! :) haha ... in a year!! LOL, just kidding ;)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Orange Beef & Broccoli - WW Friendly

We went to the commissary yesterday and this was one of the things I could make in our make-shift kitchen. Weight Watcher friendly and all ... so, I went for it!

This might be an actual Weight Watchers recipe ... I'm not claiming this one, although ... I wish I could! YUM

Sorry for the crappy pictures. I didn't think to post this recipe on the blog until after the fact.. this was my Instagram pic. {Do you follow me? Twillman87}

Here's the recipe! Nice and easy!

12 oz. broccoli
1/3 c. fat free low sodium beef broth
1/3 c. low sugar / sugar free orange marmalade
2 Tbl. low sodium soy sauce
1/4 tsp. salt
2 Tbl. cornstarch
1 lb. steak (we used sirloin trimmed and cut into thin slices)
cooking spray

Microwave broccoli per directions.
Combine broth, marmalade, soy and salt.
Place cornstarch in shallow bowl and dredge steak in cornstarch.
Heat a large non stick skillet over medium-high heat.
Coat pan w/ spray and add steak and saute 5 mins or until browned.
Add broth mixture, cook 1 min or until thick ... stir in broccoli.

About 6 WW points per cup ... We also made brown rice to go along with it :)

Enjoy! Let me know what you think! Jeff loved it ... that's why I love cooking for him :) He loves everything I make and he always makes sure to tell me he liked it! Love that guy!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Randomness Since Last Week!

Last week we went to the "welcome aboard" presentation for people who are new to the base. It was really nice. We listened to a presentation and then were able to walk around to the different tables / booths for different groups. I'm really glad we went. I have done a lot of research online about MCAGCC but talking to PEOPLE about it is much different than reading things online.

We stopped at the MCCS booth which is Marine Corps Community Services. They do everything. They put on all sorts of events for couples, moms, spouses etc. They even gave me a free copy of "5 Love Languages" by Gary Chapman (which I LOVE and can't wait to read again). They put together groups, help with job searches and even make sure there are classes at the gym. It was a really fun stop.

We also stopped at the Tricare booth, which is our military's insurance. I had a few quick questions for them and they were so sweet. I swear they didn't want to let us go, they were telling us all about the area and fun things to do too! 

We stopped at a lot of different booths and got a lot of pamphlets but I'm really excited about the information they gave us. Even Jeff admitted to being happy we went .. and he DIDN'T want to go :) 

We got our first piece of mail since the last time I've written!! It was a package from my Aunt Terri and Uncle Steve! How perfect is this!? 

Since last week we have been down the hill to both Yucca and Indio to do some shopping with gift cards we still had. I think that kind of stuff on the weekends. Leaving right after work to go down the hill and coming back home makes for a long day. It's much more enjoyable and we don't have to rush! We even saw a beautiful mountain sunset on the way home! 

We found out our shipment will be delivered THIS Friday! I'm VERY excited about this .. I can't believe our truck full of things is finally going to be here. I also can't imagine this house filled with all of that stuff, haha. We are so used to having two plates, two forks, two cups, two towels, two hand towels, etc. that it will be kind of weird to have cabinets filled with things! 

On the way out of the house the other day, Jeff heard something under a bush. I thought it was the sprinkler but it turned out it was this little guy! He was stuck in a mailer bag underneath the bush ... he probably saved his little life! It had to have been SO hot in that plastic bag...

Today I went to my first spin class on base. I really liked the teacher and will plan on going back next week. It was much different than I'm used to with so many men, but it wasn't a big deal. I was SUPER anxious about going though. The class is hosted at the "East Gym" which is at the top of the base .. and is where a lot of weight equipment is held .. so to me it's a "guys gym" and I don't tend to hang in those much! :/ It was a bigger deal in my head than it was when I got there.
I also researched some Zumba classes in the area and will be trying one out this week too. 

I don't think I mentioned but I met a friend at the pool .. we've been meeting up at the pool during the week while the husbands are at work. She's younger than me but very sweet and it's so nice to have a Marine Corps Wife friend! They are leaving in September. She is a nanny and I could possibly be taking her job when she leaves. Speaking of the pool ... we had free popsicle day at the pool last week - #awesome

I saw a desert quail ... they run so fast I can't believe I snapped a pic. I was sitting in my car in the carport when I took this, right outside our house!

I ate a happy omelette <3 Yes we are still striving to eat healthy .. we even signed up for Weight Watchers again and so we have the apps on our phones to scan things and looking things up to making it easier :) 

We went to a free Santana cover band concert at the casino right down the street from us .. and Jeff won at the blackjack table!! Yay!! 

Last but not least .... my addiction these days. Sugar free Watermelon Punch ... unreal. Delicious. I crave them. I can't even tell ya how bad I need one of these. Jeff doesn't even have to ask anymore, he just pulls into the 7-Eleven every night on the way home from whatever we have going on. AND a bonus ... if you have their app for your smart phone, they are giving away something free everyday for the rest of the month (I think?) .. You name it and we've gotten it free. Cookies, M&M's, ice cream bars, Slurpees, Big Gulps ... I've been saving my points each day to have whatever they're giving out! 

Yea ... that sucker's empty, because I couldn't even take the pic before I killed it :) 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Things I've Learned About Living in Twentynine Palms In A Week

  • There is sand everywhere. Sand on the sidewalks, sand in the house, sand on the patio, sand in your shoes, sand in your eyes. Sand makes up our front yard ... there is nothing "yard" like about it.
This is the view from our front door.
  • The commissary (translation: grocery store) is closed on Mondays.
  • At the commissary, the people who are bagging your groceries aren't paid. They work for tips ... NO joke.
  • When going on base at night, dim your headlights so you don't blind and therefore piss off the guard at the gate :)
  • The difference between crickets and cockroaches.
  • You will live with crickets as roommates. They never leave and you can't keep them out.
  • The desert at night is a very different place than the desert during the day (cockroaches & black widows OMG)
  • The view is beautiful. I love love love the mountains, everywhere!
  • The Marine Corps has an acronym for everything ... We live at MCAGCC .. No joke. Be impressed I know what that means ;) ... ok ok I knew this before I got here.
  • Dry heat is still hot. Luckily, I love most of the heat and we have air conditioning .. Anything under 100 degrees is a "cooler" day ... 106-110 is the norm right now.
  • The pool is a great place to go during the day. The pool in our complex is really quiet .. not many people go there. I love to read and sit in the sun .. and I even met two friends!
  • You can see the stars even better than Up North when you're coming up the mountain .. and it will take your breath away.
  • Buying a washer and dryer will make you high five, because you'll be so excited ...

  • Filling a home with furniture really makes it feel like a home.
  • Our patio is a great place to spray paint my projects! I'll show the finished product later on, when it's actually finished.
  • Living with my husband is fun :)
  • Having our own place is fun :)
Last but not least ... I've learned that living in Twentynine Palms is going to be what we make it. There are some weird quirks about living here and you definitely have to get used to things ... but it's going to be great. Tonight we are going to a "Welcome Aboard" presentation on base and I'm hoping to learn more about this new place we call home!