Sunday, August 24, 2014

Palm Springs + Movie Night

I think I've mentioned before that Palm Springs is about one and a half hours away. #realcivilization #theyhaveTARGETthere #andPanera

Ok, Ok enough hash tags - I just this its funny. But they do have the closest Panera, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond etc.

Friday night we went down the hill to drive our friend Hoffman to the airport. We stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond to exchange some things :) I got a salad spinner / mandolin / cheese grater {all in one} which I am really excited about. We also got more drinking glasses. With all the things I returned I got this stuff for $3 which was also exciting.

Jeff wanted to go to Harbor Freight, which was less exiting for me, but I'm not complaining. It's give and take.. and we don't ever have a chance to go to stores like this anymore, what with living in the middle of no where.

We had dinner with Hoffman at Applebee's before taking him to the USO to stay for the night. The people at the USO were SO awesome!! They wanted to give us a whole tour of the place.. they had recliners and couches, pillows and blankets, TV's, computers, a whole kitchen full of meals, snacks and drinks. It was really amazing. I told them I'd volunteer there, if we didn't live so far!!

Saturday morning, Jeff worked on a friend's car so he was gone. But the boys stopped by. They brought me "cream of tartar" which there was a whole discussion about ... They thought it was soup (disclaimer: I told them it was a white powder in the baking aisle) They bring me whatever ingredients I need to bake, and I bake them goodies :) It's a win win agreement really.

Snickerdoodles were on the menu this week!

While I was baking, they were helping around the house finding things to do. They fixed my laundry room door:

Marcellus put together the other two kitchen chairs we bought and left in the box:

They don't know I took these pics, so hopefully they don't ever find this post ;)

Saturday afternoon we headed back down to take our friend Mackinen to the airport. I had one more thing to exchange at Bed Bath and Beyond, we ate Panera for dinner and then walked around Downtown Palm Springs. It was SUCH a cool place! I really want to try Matchbox, a restaurant that overlooks the strip on a giant balcony. They also had a fun looking 50's type diner I want to try too, called Ruby's I love anywhere with a theme, a burger and a milkshake ;)

We grabbed a beer with Mackinen at the Greek Islands .. which is so small it doesn't even have a website. It was such a cool place. It was wedged between two small buildings, mostly outdoors and it has lights all strung up here and there. We walked in and a table of what must have been 35 people were having a giant family dinner together and had taken up 80% of the restaurant. I think everyone working there was Greek and it was just a cool little atmosphere. We didn't eat there, but the boys said the food is great too.

Ummm .. wait, speaking of milkshakes before:
We found this place called "Great Shakes" while we were walking around ... "great" is an understatement. This is their Oreo Caramel shake made with real ice cream and home made caramel. THERE IS WHIPPED CREAM, AN OREO AND A DONUT HERE ... I'll prob go back every time we hit Palm Springs, no joke. Luckily, we split it... because I could have eaten 5 of these things. YUM.

We hit Target with a gift card we had and bought some movie night goodies for when we got home..

A movie night in our own house .. on our own couch .. with my husband .. It was seriously, the best.
This weekend hasn't been a very diet friendly weekend, but it has been some awesome quality time :)
Sometimes, that's all that matters.

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