Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Urge To Purge

Ok so last time I wrote about how much I had to do. I wanted to go through all of our clothes. I wanted to make sure that we weren't packing clothes that we didn't want, clothes that didn't fit etc. with us across the country. Here are the fruits of that labor!!! 

I'm proud to tell you that yesterday we donated two LARGE garbage bags and a box of clothes ... And a box of martini glasses that we haven't been using to the ASYMCA! It feels so good to know that we WANT and need the things moving with us. 

Meanwhile ... I have been working with Duke on leash training. Because he is five months old and hasn't had much leash expirence, it's taking some time and muscle. He hasn't been on the leash much because he wasn't aloud to go anywhere until he had all his shots. So wish me luck. He's doing well I'm the house walking on a leash but the minute we get outside its like he's on drugs. The smells of the world take him over and he's helpless haha :/ 

He has been working hard both mentally and physically, it zonks him right out! 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Home Sweet Twentynine

We had such a great trip in Michigan ... So many visits, so many people, so many holidays and celebrations ... But can I tell you something? It's so good to be home sweet home again too... It's a surprising feeling, because no where else has ever been "home" except Michigan. I have to say, boarding a plane at 5 degrees and stepping off into 77 degree weather was pretty amazing. Being home with our pup, getting back to our own house ... It really has been nice.  

So ... What have I been up to, since I got home?

- commissary - 
The morning after I got home I ate a piece of toast and two chicken nuggets for breakfast. We did such a good job using up all our food / trashing what was left, before our trip to MI that when we got home it was pretty bare. So ... We went shopping. Moving in a month poses a challenge because we have to eat but I also don't want to fill the fridge TOO much. 

- took our christmas tree down -
While Jeff was at work, I packed away all our ornaments and lights and when he got home he took it out. I still have to clean out the tree stand and figure out how to pack that away. It's kind of huge, but works great....?

- laundry -
Unpacking totally stinks so I had to jump right in. I did our laundry and sorted through my clothes that aren't boxed up. (yes I never unpacked all my clothes from our move out to CA) I have set aside a bunch of clothes that won't be making the cross country journey with us ... So I'll donate them. I still have a little more to go through. I need more room and more hangers... I got lots of awesome clothes for Christmas and no where to put them! Ps, if anyone actually reads this blog and can tell me where to find affordable hangers I'd appreciate it. I hate the fuzzy kind Costco sells and even the dollar stores and Walmart have CRAZY prices for their stupid hangers... Rant over..

- kitchen cleaning -
I cleaned the heck out of our kitchen yesterday. I mean, deep cleaned. And yet, somehow before I went to bed it was a disaster again. Funny how that works, huh? Not funny-haha.

- designed and ordered our 2014 photo book from shutterfly - 
Ok. I am so thrilled with this. I really really enjoy making photobooks. I have one for Jeff's USMC graduation and one for our wedding... I love them, but they tend to take forever for me to make. Can I just tell you that I did all of 2014 in one evening? I did. I used my iPad mini and their Photo Story app .... It connects with my Facebook and Instagram accounts so I don't even have to upload pics!!! It was so easy to use and I combined like 3 or 4 coupon codes to get a good deal. I'm sooo happy to have this done and on its way to us!!!! It was also really fun to create. Win win.
This is our cover!

- watched two movies -
I've needed to catch up on my snuggles with my puppy! We watched The Rescuers and Annie (the old one) last night and it was so nice. 

-had breakfast with JJ, Nathan and Kathleen -
It was so good to see my friends! Big and little! We hung out and played with the boys and caught up. I missed them while I was away!  We are going to play in the snow tomorrow for the Winter Wonderland event here in our complex! 

Things I need to do:
- Try to stop stressing about Jeff's orders. We need a copy of his orders to apply for housing .. We kind of need a place to live when we get to NC ...in less than a month ... And his orders aren't available to us yet ..... It will work out, right? ::puke::

- Dig out everything we own in all the boxes and closets upstairs and see if IT is going to be moving with us to NC ... I don't want to bring junk we don't want or need. We've already accumulated so much stuff. How does this happen? Haha. 

- Clean off our kitchen table. Does anyone else have this problem? Our kitchen table is a catch all for junk and I totally hate it. I think the sink and the kitchen table are two ways to make your house feel cleaner .... If they're clean that is. 

....and about a thousand other things .... But ask me what I'm doing right now. The answer is laying on the couch with a headache, from thinking about all the things I need to do! Ha! 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

All The Rest!

The rest of our trip was spent hanging with friends and family.
We got to visit with one of my best friends, Deanna and her hubby Kenny!

There was a little wrestling ...

Jeff took his sister Corey to ice skate...

While I visited with my girl, Evie ...

And her baby brother Ray ...

We celebrated New Years Eve with Cory and Halle' after hanging with Jeff's family ...

At some point (multiple times actually) the guys were caught planning the demise of a couple of squirrels. (remember that BB gun dad got for Christmas??) 

Dad and I ordered "lunch sticks" from Knudsens .. Which are donuts his brothers and sisters had at school growing up from this very bakery! 

Dad took me on a tour of the neighborhood of where he grew up...


We ate "a" lunch stick .... God!!!! Mmmmm !! 

We taught some family about our friend Alex's breakfast shot ... Bacon, maple flavored Crown and OJ... Super fun!!

Mom, Emma and I tried out the good old karaoke at the VFW ... This was a night that was a little "too much fun". I had never done karaoke before!! So much fun! (Song: Leave The Pieces - The Wreckers)

I said goodbye to Jeff :( ... He flew home a few days before me..

We said goodbye to the tree .. And hello to a little bit of snow..

The day before I flew out I attended Jeff's Uncle Dave's funeral. I'm glad I went but it, of course was a very sad day. It was hard, because I didn't get to know him. He has had Alzheimer's the whole time I have been with Jeff so he hasn't been himself. His son shared a beautiful eulogy talking about all aspects of his dad's life and I was so grateful. In those few minutes I learned a little more about him.

I packed my (extremely heavy) bags... And hit the road ... Errr the sky! 

Detroit to Denver.

The mountains  were beautiful ...topped with snow ..

Southwest had free TV wifi streaming ... Awesome on my new iPad mini!!! (What Not To Wear)

Denver to LAX.... 

And a quick 3 hour + drive home .... What a long day ...

But I'm happy to be home with my hubby and pup!!!!!