Thursday, August 7, 2014

August Goals

I mention Erin's blog, from time to time on here. Mainly because she has some great ideas. She posts a few goals for the month and then updates on how she did. I think its such a great idea to have something written down to shoot for. I always enjoy reading hers and thought to myself ... why not me?! :)

Here we go ...

1. Read at least one book. (Just began reading Tatiana and Alexander .. The Bronze Horsemen #2 - by Paullina Simons on my Kindle .. having a hard time getting into it so far.)

2. Get my photo wall up in our new living room, a project I have to finish. We also have to buy a level & photo/paper cutter too.

3. Get EVERYTHING off of our kitchen table .. this is huge. We have really moved in. There is paperwork (what feels like) everywhere.

4. Get 5+ boxes out of the guest room (more unpacking / donating / throwing away!) - I need to move forward on this and I'm just not looking forward to it.

5. Try two new recipes. Pinterest or a cook book perhaps? WW Friendly of course!

6. Truly start lifting weights on a schedule.

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