Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow Day & Baked Cinnamon and Sugar Apple Chips

So today is a snow day {YAY} ... or, more like a "freezing cold day" ... too cold [again] for kids to be at the bus stops, or outside at all.

Yea, you read that right. The TEMP is -9 and it feels like -28
Good. Lord. At least it's sunny!

So anyways, it's a snow day and I have these amazing things in the oven! Keep on readin'

You know how Pinterest is an amazing place?

Well ... I found this recipe from Fifteen Spatulas for Baked Cinnamon & Sugar Apple Chips on Pinterest!

This chick knows what she is doing!
Check out HER blog with for the recipe ... but enjoy my pics from the last time I made them. Yummmmmm!

I made mine with Fuji apples like she suggested.

Some of my chips were big and some were small - I'd use the apple slicer / peeler / corer next time so they're all the same, they just wont have that pretty star in the middle. If you go to her blog, her pictures are prettier than mine - but I swear they are delicious!!

Bake at 225 for one hour, flip and then for ANOTHER hour!

Ok so I actually did this twice already. Once with the mandolin like she suggests - then another time with our apple corer / spiral slicer thing, because I thought it would be easier. I'm here to tell you: if you know how to use a mandolin, use it. Mine is weird, which means I don't know how to work it properly and so I decided today I would just slice them super thin by hand... the pic above in the oven ... the apples were too thick and didn't work. So use that as a guide. Don't make them look like this!!

Her recipe calls for 1/8 tsp cinnamon and 1 tsp sugar. I used this Spenda Sugar Blend (which tastes great by the way and is zero WW points). This made about one apples worth.
This is the conversion chart on the back for baking ...  I actually used 1 tsp for 1 tsp ...
but it's zero points so who cares ;)
Click here for info on the sugar blend .. use less, less calories and sugar and the same amount of flavor!

These things taste delicious, are zero WW points, warmed up the house with the oven on AND made the whole house smell amazing while they baked! Win-Win-Win!

For more Healthy / Weight Watcher Recipes CLICK HERE :) 

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