Friday, January 17, 2014

Healthy Tips for Breakfast (WW Friendly)

Weight Watchers.

I don't know why, but I thought only old people did Weight Watchers
I'm here to tell you, that's not true and it rocks. I swear by their system.

Just to make sure you get the concept of Weight Watchers: Each food has a point value and each person (depending on their age, sex, height and weight) gets an amount of points they can eat per day. 

So come's some of my favorite breakfast foods and their point values! This whole post is kind of all over the place, but you'll get the point as you go :) 

First and foremost - make sure you drink WATER ... before and during your breakfast! 

1 c. Cheerios (3 pts) + 1 c. 1% Milk = 6 points
1 c. Trix (3 pts) + 1 c. 1% Milk = 6 points

This wasn't keeping me full until lunch and then I had used my points "for nothing" because it was all carbs maybe?

I really like Egg Beaters - I never thought there would be a day when I would say that. Egg Beaters are egg whites and they are way less points then a real egg (they don't have the yoke). If you can't stand the thought or taste you might mix like 2 eggs with 1 serving of egg beaters .. and then work your way up so you are using less points. I love making, a scramble with it. Things I include in my scramble thing - orange/yellow/red bell peppers, green onion, turkey or ham (just lunch meat), cheese, turkey bacon .. all in different combos so I don’t get bored of it. 3 Tbl. is 1 pt. Kroger's Egg Beaters are called "Break-Free" which is equally as tasty and better on the pocket book.

I also like our Healthy Quiche Recipe which can be found HERE  {pictured below}

Turkey bacon is 1 pt per slice usually - which is better than regular bacon (points wise ... regular bacon tastes better but give it a chance before your write it off)

WW makes their own bagels & cream cheese too which is nice.. they aren't as good as a normal bagel, but I crave the carbs an they are 2 points for a whole bagel and each section of the cream cheese is measured on the package into points so it makes it really easy. :) A not great bagel is better than no bagel in my book ;) Thomas's makes a THIN bagel .. which is no fun at first but I like to make sandwiches on them - We get them in plain and "everything" flavors and they're only 3 points for the whole thin bagel.

I like eating little points at breakfast so I start lunch with all my points left. 

Also - don't forget about fruit! Fruit is a healthy choice with your breakfast ... and if you are doing WW, fruit is zero pts! 

Right now ... What I do is eat a small white piece of toast (1.5 pts) with spray butter .. or peanut butter and counting the points with an apple (my favorite: honey-crisp) and sometimes I add in a Mini Babybel Light Cheese (1 pt)

Hopefully this has helped you think of some healthy / Weight Watcher breakfasts!
What are your favorite healthy breakfast items?

Happy Breakfast~ing! 

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