Friday, January 3, 2014

Time Will Pass Anyway

Things change. Little by little. Day by day. Minute by minute even.
Sometimes we have crappy days and sometimes we have good days that totally rock. We have to focus on how we feel on the good days ... that's what keeps us going. Don't put off your goals and dreams just because it will take time to get there. THE TIME WILL PASS ANYWAY. I love that.

When I started this journey:
- I could not run at all. Not even 15 seconds.
- I did not WANT to go to the gym.
- I was not excited about changing my eating habits.
- I almost never drank water.

- I can run about 2-3 minutes ... slowly but I call that a win... {Intervals are my friend}
- I crave the way I feel after my work out is over.
- I have learned to eat the things I want in moderation.
- On a good day I drink 60-100 oz of water.
- I also HATE the bloated / full / crap feeling after eating crap food.. Which I can honestly say I didn't know existed before, because that's how I always ate. (It doesn't always stop me ... lol ... but I hate it)

My goals going forward:
- Flatten my tummy .. partially by continuing to eat well and then by exercise (I don't know exactly how yet, but it will include lifting some amount and some exercise with weights)
- Tone up my arms with weights
- Move from my NOW SIZE 9/10 to a size 8
- Keep my weight under my NOW WEIGHT 145 lbs
- Aim for 130 lbs by Spring Break (April 18)

- Take things one day at a time
- Take some before pictures so that I can see my progress eventually

Wear a bikini on our honeymoon. I told Jeff this goal, shortly after we got engaged and I was much further from it than I am now, but I have more work to do. I am on the road to that goal. Date to be determined ... I'm aiming for December 2014 .. but we will see!


  1. I am 100% with you on the bloated awful feeling after eating crap food! Cant wait to see you reach your goals!

    1. Thanks Stephanie!!! lol .. Totally hate that feeling :( I wish it would stop me 100% of the time! !!

  2. We are so close in weight and measurements it's not even funny! I am sooo with you for the 130by April18th! Let's do this!

    1. What are the chances?? That is awesome!! Let's do this!!! Keep checking back and telling me how you're doing!!


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