Saturday, January 25, 2014

Measure That Body! You'll Thank Me Later.

Happy Saturday!

I want to encourage all of you, NOW .. while you're reading this, to take measurements of your body. The first time I took measurements of myself was in May of 2013 and I WISH I would have done it sooner. I had already lost 30 lbs. I can only imagine what the difference in my numbers from the very beginning, because I don't have anything to compare it to.

First - You don't have to tell anyone your measurements, if you are self conscious! Keep it written down tucked away.

Second - You'll say you "don't know how" ... listen, even if you use this guide and think you're doing it wrong: at least you'll be doing it wrong consistently and see "difference" numbers correctly!
[ does that make sense? ]

Third - Do it for yourself! You'll be so glad you did when you are down the line, meeting your goals and you have this notebook tucked away for yourself with all your previous measurements. You'll be so proud once you get there ... and you'll say: "Thanks, Tara!!! " haha 

My 2013 I was busting my butt at the gym ... 5-6 days a week (almost all cardio) all summer and not eating right so I was doing a really "good job" maintaining the scale. All the while I was lying to myself and saying that I was still so "stuck". While I am more obsessed with the scale than I care to admit {not proud} I feel like I wasted most of my 2013. I was "getting no where" and only ended up getting serious September - December 2013 again and losing my last 15 lbs.

BUT: I looked back at my measurements, my first ones from May 2013 and I've lost some inches! It's up to you how often you measure. Maybe you do it once a week with weigh ins, maybe you do it once a month, maybe you do it after every 10 lbs you lose.

You'll see that it is goes slowly, but after some time you see huge differences

I don't have anything fancy - just one of these

And so ... 

From May 21, 2013 to my January 20, 2014 measurements I have a difference of:

-1.5" in my left upper arm
-1.0" inches in my right upper arm
-3.5" inches in my chese
-4" inches in my waist
-3.5" inches in my hips
-1.75" inches in my left thigh (yea, I get lazy at the end and only do one thigh ..sue me)

Remember, that's only 15-17 lbs lost ... but a huge difference in my waist, hips and chest!! 

Something to think about, no? 

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  1. Totally! This is the first time I'm tracking measurements along with my weight and although it's nice to see the scale go down, it's also nice to see where it's making a difference on your body! That's just as motivating, if not more, than the actual scale!


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