Tuesday, January 7, 2014

147 .. The First Step To My Next Journey

Well! Here it is! 
I weighed in today after a month of Jeff being home, a little "vacation" in itself ... Eating crap food way more than I would like to admit and not doing consistent weigh ins. Not drinking enough water and not tracking what I ate. Jeff left yesterday .. Return date unsure (29 days at Marine Combat Training, and then straight to his MOS school) so we should know when we can think about planning our wedding next month (fingers crossed). With him being gone I tend to need something to focus on and my goals are really good for that. 

So ... From December 11- January 7 I gained about 2.5lbs 

Today's weight: 147

You know what though? It's okay. I lost 15 lbs from September 16-December 11th (while Jeff was at bootcamp) and I was getting burnt out. I took about a month off, gained 2 lbs (seriously I should be thankful it was only two! I really enjoyed myself haha)

But now 147 starts me on my next journey! 

Next stop: 130lbs by April 18th (our spring break .. I'm not going anywhere I just have chosen this as a goal date)

The plan is to count Weight Watcher points, write down everything that I eat {which I hate .. But makes a huge difference in my results}, drink a ton of water and to exercise at least 3 times per week (more if I can make it work) I am also going to be doing some arm exercises with free weights at home too. 

This plan is not new. It's simply what has worked for me. Hard work and doing what I know I need to do. It's not a magic plan or a secret, it's just doing what I need to do.

So that's the plan. That's where I'm at. Another part of my plan is to post updates on Mondays here. 

I always wish I had a real "start" picture and measurements (inspired by Mama Laughlin) and so this time I did:

Left arm: 10.5"
Right Arm: 11"
Chest: 36"
Waist: 30.5"
Hips: 38.5"
Left thigh: 22.5"
Right thigh: 22"


  1. Lookin good! :) I found this arm video...10 minutes! A girl I follow on IG did it and showed before/after of her arms. Amazing. I sure felt it the next day. You need 5lbs and 3lbs...you should try it. http://www.fitsugar.com/10-Minute-Workout-Sexy-Sculpted-Arms-21620326

    1. I'll check it out!! Thanks! I need 3 lb weights I only have 5lb and I'm not so strong (sigh) but hey .. You gotta start somewhere, right?


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