Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Again..

Good Morning Blog Readers!

Each Monday I'll be posting on my progress. I doubt you care (ha ha), but it's a way for me to stay accountable AND look back on my progress!

So, second weigh in of my weight loss competition (Jan 12 through March 21):
Started at: 147.0 lbs
Weighed in today at: 144.3 lbs

I didn't Even take a picture of the scale I was so mad. Only lost 0.1 lb this week.

This week pounds lost: 0.1

Total weight loss percentage:  1.87%

Total weight loss since 190lb beginning: 45.7 lbs

My work out schedule this week was:
Monday AM - Spin
Monday PM -  Zumba
Tuesday - 30 min run on the treadmill
Thursday - Spin AM
Sunday - Zumba AM

This week I was off work for MLK Jr's birthday on Monday so I even got an EXTRA work out in.

I've been really good about keeping track of my points in my food journal. I also have been inputting them all into My Fitness Pal as well and I'm on track with my calories.
I've been drinking more water, just like I had hoped to this week.

To figure out how much water you should be drinking

Take your weight (144lbs) and divide it in half : 72oz and that is how many ounces you should drink in a day. (Approximately 9 cups of water) 

I try to drink 3 of these:

It's funny because last week I said: "At this point in my journey, I've already figured out what does and doesn't work for my body 

... and it's time to just DO."

And then I have a super frustrating week like this.

Just keep going. Don't give up ..... And scream into a pillow if you have to.

Goals: Drink more water, eat more proteins and less carbs (always an ongoing struggle for me), lift my free weights at least once this week, make myself go to Wednesdays core class at the gym (I want to puke with anxiety just thinking that I wrote that down) and see 142 on the scale NEXT Monday. God willing.

How did you do this week? Is there anything you want me to talk about here?

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