Saturday, December 6, 2014

Mom's Visit to Twentynine!

I've been doing pretty well out here. I've never been away from family ... or just "away" for more than 7 or 8 days at a time until moving away. Even Jeff will tell you I've been doing pretty well. I think I've cried maybe one or two times since we moved here in July.

Mom was flying into Vegas so we road tripped it out there. We gave a ride to two friends TO Vegas since we were going anyways and they were spending the weekend with their parents. We got into town a little early so we parked the car and waited at the USO. We got a snack and played what became a very serious game of "SORRY!" while we waited.

I mentioned before that I haven't really cried much since I got here ... well, that's until I saw my mom. Which literally makes no sense at all.

Bring on the water works! Oh my gosh.

**Note: My mom took a lot of these pics so she's not in all of them! :(

The day after mom got here Duke had a vet appointment ... he's getting HUGE ...

Then he passed out, just as he usually does after he get's his shots. We've actually found that he's really good in the car for us too.

We left Duke in the back of the truck to watch us (BECAUSE THE CAR WAS GETTING A NEW TIRE ... URGHHHH... don't even ask.) and we went into Joshua Tree National Park and climbed a little bit!

On another day, we wanted to show mom Palm Springs and what better way than the aerial tour?!

 We even had lunch on top of the mountain!
 How cute is my mom?!

It was freezing. We were not prepared ... but we were just so excited to see pine trees!

 A cute pic mom snapped of my little family, in front of our house!

 Back to Joshua Tree to see if we could find some big horned sheep. We did! But the pics are sad ...

We loved having my mom in town and showing her where we've been living in this (weird) town of ours. It went entirely too fast, but we're counting down the days until we visit for Christmas!

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