Friday, December 26, 2014

All My Favorite Things!

My first favorite thing .. Isn't a thing! He's a Jeff! He arrived safe and sound here in Michigan! I picked him up from the airport and we saw his family for a while.

But it was not until he had me stop at the closest Tim Hortons, haha. He is OBSESSED with their coffee.

Both of our families were to go to a friends Christmas party so we all headed over there. A beautiful meal was had and it was so nice to see so many friendly faces. Especially when you live somewhere different and you don't expect to recognize many people.

The next day was our FAVORITE THINGS PARTY :)
This year was our third annual and it went off without a hitch! What does that even mean anyways?? We'll... It was a blast! We had so many fun favorite things and it went so smoothly. We have it all down to a science.

Here are my favorite ladies:

I love the holidays and partied and celebrating ... Butt his party in particular. We started it instead of a cookie exchange because it is so hard to say no to 6 dozen cookies staring at you in the face... But it's turned into such a fun tradition. Now that I live out if town, it's such a great way to see all my girls while I'm visiting too!!

Here are our favorite things:

We had a blast. Lots of snacking, drinking and laughing going on at this party!!

These are the goodies I got to take away:
A garlic peel from Pampered Chref, Pine scented Yankee candle with cute matches and a MI necklace with a heart <3 

So now I have to start thinking of what I will bring to the party next year ... That's right, were doing it again next year!! Can't wait!! 

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