Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Our First Halloween & Marine Corps Ball

Hey peeps!
I wanted to show you some quick "first Halloween" pictures, ya know .. since it's almost Thanksgiving? What?!

We loved it. We were told we would have a lot of trick - or - treaters ... so we got ready!

 My amazing husband did the dirty work ..

I turned that bad boy into a castle ;)

We prepped for the kids .... and like 5 came .. haha! Joke's on us, right!? Kind of sad .. but Jeff and I had a great time. As for Duke? He was exhausted after his first Halloween:

I said I would write about our first Marine Corps Ball and I'm only what ... 25 days late?
Away we go!

Our ball was in La Quinta, CA which is about an hour and a half away from where we live. It was at a beautiful resort called, simply enough: La Quinta Resort!

We had a beautiful room complete with an enormous bath tub and fireplace, which is the way to THIS girls heart! The ball and our room were both at the same resort which made for easy traveling. The ball was great. So much love and tradition in one ceremony, I loved it. People told us before hand to "buckle up, because there is a lot of standing and sitting". There was some standing and sitting but afterwards we laughed and I told Jeff "We're Catholic ... that was nothing!"
Check out some pics!!

The day after the ball, I was dying for some Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. We stopped for breakfast at Ihop and I warned the boys we were still getting cheesecake so that they wouldn't eat too much. They ate too much. I still got my cheesecake and so did they, but they were miserably full :) This is why you listen to me, boys!! haha!!

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