Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I'm On My Way..

I dunno where I'm going .. I'm on my way ... 
Ok ok, enough singing!! Yes I do know where I'm going! Michigan! 

Jeff just dropped me off (and got me settled of course) at the USO st LAX.
I seriously, seriously hate saying goodbye to my husband. We've spent so much time apart over the last year and a half that I hate being without him. I haven't slept alone since BEFORE July. This time is for only 5 sleeps, but it already feels like forever. 

So I'm staying at the USO currently. My flight is super early in the morning, so I had to come down tonight. What do you know about the USO? I've stopped by them over the past year or so ... Dropping guys off, picking guys up ... But I myself haven't stayed. I have to tell you how great it is. The USO is a place for any branch of the military and their families. You can stay the night, eat, drink, watch tv, use computers and some you can even shower in. Currently, I have staked out a recliner for myself in the nap room. Every part of it is free and they run on donations. They even have internet and wifi. I keep telling Jeff that if we had one closer to our home, I would volunteer. Our closest airport is an hour and a half away.. But, I think it's incredible. They even have me set up for the person at the front desk to wake me up when I need to get up for my flight. It's just so nice because I could currently be sleeping on a hard airport bench under the fluorescent lights ... No. Fun. 

I'm so thankful for the USO and everything they offer our military. 
Ps, sorry for the lack of pics .... Taking pictures in there would have been just downright creepy with people trying to sleep :) haha

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