Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas Tree Traditions

I'm so glad my mom waited for me to get here to decorate the tree. It would have been really strange to have come into her house with all the ornaments on the tree. I didn't really think about that until we were decorating it together. I'm big on traditions. ESPECIALLY at Christmas. 

We talked about our family ornaments, some older ones .. Even ones that my parents got before I was around! I love doing this. "Ohh remember ....!" It's so much fun. I love fun memories and stories. We listened to Christmas music and my a Dad fell asleep in his chair. Emma doesn't have the patience for it, so it's usually something just my mom and I do together. 

I wish my phones camera didn't stink so bad. 

A few days later my dad got out the ladder and put our star atop our tree. 

A family tradition is to use the starfish from my parents honeymoon. To me it means family and love and just that ... Tradition. It's so special to me. Jeff actually suggested that we get our own starfish and I teared up. I absolutely love that idea. And I think I fell a little more in love with him when he said it. I can't wait to make that happen. 

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