Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Things I've Learned About Living in Twentynine Palms In A Week

  • There is sand everywhere. Sand on the sidewalks, sand in the house, sand on the patio, sand in your shoes, sand in your eyes. Sand makes up our front yard ... there is nothing "yard" like about it.
This is the view from our front door.
  • The commissary (translation: grocery store) is closed on Mondays.
  • At the commissary, the people who are bagging your groceries aren't paid. They work for tips ... NO joke.
  • When going on base at night, dim your headlights so you don't blind and therefore piss off the guard at the gate :)
  • The difference between crickets and cockroaches.
  • You will live with crickets as roommates. They never leave and you can't keep them out.
  • The desert at night is a very different place than the desert during the day (cockroaches & black widows OMG)
  • The view is beautiful. I love love love the mountains, everywhere!
  • The Marine Corps has an acronym for everything ... We live at MCAGCC .. No joke. Be impressed I know what that means ;) ... ok ok I knew this before I got here.
  • Dry heat is still hot. Luckily, I love most of the heat and we have air conditioning .. Anything under 100 degrees is a "cooler" day ... 106-110 is the norm right now.
  • The pool is a great place to go during the day. The pool in our complex is really quiet .. not many people go there. I love to read and sit in the sun .. and I even met two friends!
  • You can see the stars even better than Up North when you're coming up the mountain .. and it will take your breath away.
  • Buying a washer and dryer will make you high five, because you'll be so excited ...

  • Filling a home with furniture really makes it feel like a home.
  • Our patio is a great place to spray paint my projects! I'll show the finished product later on, when it's actually finished.
  • Living with my husband is fun :)
  • Having our own place is fun :)
Last but not least ... I've learned that living in Twentynine Palms is going to be what we make it. There are some weird quirks about living here and you definitely have to get used to things ... but it's going to be great. Tonight we are going to a "Welcome Aboard" presentation on base and I'm hoping to learn more about this new place we call home!

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