Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jeff's 25th Birthday!

Hey Guys!

Monday was Jeff's 25th birthday ... twenty five, I can't get over that twenty five will be my next age too ... but back to the birthday:

Warning: I told my sister this list of fun things I put together for Jeff's birthday and her reaction was as follows ... "Geeze way to make the rest of us look bad lol". But honestly, I had a blast doing it all.

  • Snuck into his truck (after hockey) and put a birthday card in his truck to find in the morning.
  • Put alerts into his iPod that went off one in the morning and one in the afternoon that said fun things like "it's your birthday" and "happy birthday babe, hope your having a good day" honestly, I can't remember exactly what they said .. but you get my point.
  • Brought his favorite cupcake from the Cupcake Station to him at work
  • Snuck into his house and tied balloons everywhere
  • Invited all of our friends and family to his hockey game (which was on the night of his birthday) as a surprise
  • Designed beer labels on saying Happy Birthday Jeffs, with a picture.. for after the hockey game. it was our buddy's birthday on the same day too.

After the game all of us went out to a local diner and snacked. I can only hope he had as much fun as I did :)

I did so much sneaking around that I didn't have time for pictures ... do you believe that? I do. Sorry guys!

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