Sunday, December 11, 2011

Light 'Em Up Days 6 - 11

Hi again!
Just Giving an update on some of my Light 'Em Up projects!

The last few days I have:

- given a candy cane to a guy in a drive through .. He lit up, it was so cool.

- held the door open for multiple people

- let someone cut in line on the way out of a parking lot

- Shared the sign of peace with a woman a church. This doesn't sound like one .. But it is: her and her children were sitting off alone by themselves at church and I walked over to them to share the sign of peace ... She smiled at me through the rest of mass.

I have been smiling at people more too, which seems small too but I've been getting them back more often too :)

Heres hoping you are Lighting up someones day!

PS: To see my other Light 'Em Up posts, click on the 'Light 'Em Up' in the labels on the right!

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