Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Freddy the Elf 2011

To celebrate the Christmas season we had a little friend come and visit our home for the first time. 
His name is Freddy ... Freddy the Elf.

... and they welcomed him into our home with open arms!

Our daycare had their first elf sighting this year ... Enter Freddy. Freddy has kept his eye on us and told Santa all about our good deeds and time outs. He has been a busy guy over the last month and will be on his way home to see Santa soon! The first thing the kids did when they got here was look for Freddy! They wouldn't even have their coats and boots off yet before they were running around looking. 
He has found some pretty tricky spots to hang out in!

Until next year Freddy. Rest up my friend, I have a feeling that having all boys 
next year will be even crazier than this year!

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