Saturday, November 26, 2011

Shop 'Till You Drop!

Has anyone been Christmas shopping? On "Black Friday" perhaps? 

Friday morning around 6:30 AM Me, my Mom and Jeff all headed down to Cabela's to check out their sales. We saved tons of $ moolah $ , got a few presents for my Dad and stood in a very long line to check out. To my surprise, they had us in a line that wrapped around the whole store and still got us out of there in about a 20 min wait time. AWESOME! Kudos Cabelas.

Later in the day (much later) we went to Target, Old Navy and Kohls to see what deals they might still have. I was SOO happy with Target's deals .. I probably saved over $100 right there. Then Old Navy had the jeans that Jeff and I both wear HALF PRICE (which to me says: BUY ONE GET ONE FREE!) and so we got some jeans that we both really needed. Kohls was a major disappointment. I was shopping for one item of clothing in partciular for my sister (which I can not name because she might be reading haha) and it was only 20% off ... apparently they didn't get the memo about Black Friday.

Overall, I was REALLY happy with the experiences I've had shopping ... I didn't run into any crazy mace spraying people or see anyone get trampled so all in all a good day!

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