Monday, December 5, 2011

Light 'Em Up! Day #4 and #5


Just checking in and posting on what I did for days four and five ... I have been  giving out the candy canes to people I pass - the look at me like I'm crazy, then smile. It's worth the crazy looks.

My mom has been on board too! She paid for someone's lunch in the drive thru ... and bought a $5 Starbucks giftcard so that she can give it to a bell ringer at Kroger next time(so they can go in on their break and get something warm to drink) love it.

Love this project ... love these ideas!

Today (day 5) I left some quarters on a gumball machine. Is it a gumball machine if there is something other than gumballs inside? You get what I'm trying to say ... and if not, here's a picture!

Here's hoping you are lighting up someones day too!


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  1. ok so today i was in the post office mailing some charts for work and there was a really long slow moving line because there was only one worker at the post office at this time. poor guy was going as fast as he could but the line kept growing. the people in line began to turn on him i mean they were down right nasty, harassing him, blaming him, the government, obama, bush you name it! giving this guy a really hard time. yelling and such. I was disgusted that grown adults could behave like such animals. and at christmas time!! i tried to warm the guys day with a smile and a chat while he helped me out. it wasn't his fault that he was alone during a rush. but i could shake the annoyance these people brought me. now being inspired by you i am going to concoct a treat for them with a little note that says "merry christmas!! we appreciate your hard work this time of year. I hope this makes up for at least one of the jerks you have encountered today!" hope to add a little sunshine!!
    love you and see you sat


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