Tuesday, February 25, 2014

I've Officially Have Lost 50 lbs!

Yea. You read that right! I've lost FIFTY pounds!!

- it was exciting to put on this white shirt and find it a little baggy in the belly area!

It's so hard to believe. 50 lbs sounds like both SO much and at the same time, just doesn't describe how much time and hard work went into it.

Anyways .. It was time for my Monday Morning weigh in again! Last week I had two work outs Monday (spin and Zumba) and Tuesday (zumba and the treadmill) I was off work and wanted to make sure I made the best of my time. 

Then ... Jeff called me and said there was a very real possibility, that he could come home soon. He said to look into things a bit more seriously for our wedding!

I didn't work out Wednesday or Thursday because I was SO busy with wedding plans. Friday and Sunday mornings I hit Zumba. So six work outs in seven days.. I have also been so busy that I've been very good about portion sizes. I probably haven't eaten enough for the past few days. A problem, I can honestly say I've never had before :)

Here's my update! 140.5 this morning !!!! 

I'm down 3 full pounds from last week.
I'm at 4.15% loss for my weightloss competition. 
50 lbs since I've started my weight loss journey. 

I'm also proud to say that I did my abs and arms every day, Monday through Sunday! 

In other news, by Friday I had the hall, church, photographer, DJ, photobooth, chair covers, centerpieces and florist all set and ready to pull the trigger on once Jeff gets his orders that say he can come home. Crazy right? My friends and family have also jumped right in planning wedding showers which is also SO exciting... Really making a girl feel special these days! :)

I also chose and purchased my wedding dress on Sunday night! I can't believe it. I've always known that we are blessed, but the way things are falling together is really incredible.

I also have told my family and a few friends about all this, but we haven't told everyone yet because we are waiting on Jeff's orders .. so if you're reading this, I haven't forgotten to tell you. It's just still a LITTLE early to claim the date as ours. 


  1. Congratulations... a great accomplishment!! I can't wait until I can say the same :)

  2. You are SO awesome- congratulations!!!!! :) I am down about 14 pounds and feeling better every day, but still have another 10-12 to go. Keep it up girl!


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