Monday, March 3, 2014

One Pound At A Time

This morning I woke up and weighed in at a smidge above where I was last week. I'm 100% happy with it.

Weighing in .3 above last week at 140.8 means that I had a good week. I ate well, measured things and drank water. I think I told you that when I lost my 3 lbs last week it was because I was busy and hadnt been eating the amount that I should have (by accident .. I don't recommend it .. It wasn't something I was continuing)

(Sorry for the bad lighting)

So the fact that I ate this week fairly "normally/healthy" and didn't gain it all back says that I'm really at 140.8 legitimately.. Which is exiting.

My work schedule is going to be less and less so I can work more on wedding and moving things - so I'll be getting in at least one extra class this week. 

We have a lot picked out for the wedding .. I just need to get my grooms orders! This week I met with the church and Priest and our Deacon. Everything went really well and I'm feeling good about that. I met with a chair cover company and decided on them this week. I also had my alterations appointment and I pick it up on March 26th. I ordered the invitations last night (crossing fingers .. Logistically I have to order the invites first because of the timing ... I'm giving it to God and hoping that he makes April 12th happen)

Mom went with me to start our registry on Friday night. It was so much fun picking out things for Jeff and I's first home together. The word "exciting" doesn't do it justice. It was also sooo overwhelming to think that all our friends and family will be getting us these gifts.. In a good way, but still!! Hopefully that makes sense.

So this week .. I'm praying we get Jeff's orders .. And I'm hoping to be under 140 next week :)

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  1. Sometimes after a week of not eating enough things will go up, but then usually drop back super fast. Good for you recognizing that wasn't the way to go :)


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