Thursday, February 6, 2014

Hello Goodbye I'm Late I'm Late I'm Late

[Hello, Goodbye, I'm late, I'm late, I'm late ... think Alice in Wonderland]

My Monday morning started like this .... a text from Jeff:

SHUT YOUR MOUTH!!!! I pretty much died reading this. Are you serious?!

He was flying from MCT in North Carolina to his MOS school in California... and had a lay over here in Detroit!?! What!!

So ... I got a military family gate pass and I was ready to go. Just like he said in the text, he had a lay over at home for about an hour!

I met him at the gate with his dad and his sister ... he was the last one off the plane and everything was right in the world again for one hour.

It sounds so sappy as I write it. It is sappy, get over it. It's hard being without him! haha.

His flight landed and he got to the gate around 6:35 pm and then he was one of the last ones to board his next flight to CA around 7:55 pm .... {they boarded late ... heyyy!!}

We got more than an hour together, really. We just keep saying that "God is really looking out for us" and I know that none of it is a coincidence. He was home for Christmas ... with extra leave. Now this surprise lay over, all when we didn't know when the next time we would see each other would be.

Like I've said in posts before, he has his phone back now and that is making such a huge difference. Between Facetime, text messages and phone calls it is soooo much better than it's been.

So ... "how was it?" It was amazing, incredible, a blessing, so much fun, hard, sad, difficult, painful and all over just as soon as it started. We agreed though that we can't let this saying "goodbye" make things harder, because it was borrowed time. We weren't even supposed to get it.

Thanks for reading! :)


  1. so sweet tara, it almost makes me cry. It is such precious time, we cant take any of it for granted I know exactly what you mean. God is so good!! How awesome he got a layover!!!

    1. God is so good, you've got that right girl! Awesome right? What are the chances?!?? :)


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