Saturday, February 15, 2014

25 Outfits & Valentine's Day

Well ... I completed my next five outfits {Monday through Friday} without repeating a shirt .. like I talked about in my challenge. For more on that challenge and my other outfits ... check out this link

... and here they are!!

Yesterday (Friday) was also Valentine's Day .. did you do anything fun?

These arrived around lunch time ... my favorite flowers from my favorite Marine! It took me by surprise because he IS in the middle of the dessert!

Other gifts included beautiful pink roses from Evie and her family,
this purple flower plant from Keaton and his family,
chocolate covered strawberries from Caden and his family (she's so cute .. she said she tried to stay as healthy as she could for us! haha)
and mom made the heart cookies with jelly [seriously ate like 5 of them .. DELISH]

The rest of the night I had a date with the couch and watched Netflix with my mom and dad. It doesn't sound all that Valentine's Day-ish but it was actually very relaxing. No complaints here!!

So ... here's hoping you had a wonderful Valentine's Day with your sweetie!


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