Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Project Life (May 16~May 22)

Hey There! First of all: I am loving Project Life Tuesday. It really is helping me stay on track (or close to it)!! I also love to see all of the other ladies ideas and ways of doing things - it is a truly awesome community of women.

Second of all, -- HERE -- is a link for my post from last week since we didn't link up :) 

Comments and suggestions are not only loved but requested!!! Let me know what you think or if you have a better idea .. something you are doing - or just to say "hi"! I love to know you swung by!

Okay, so to start - I DO have album pictures ... two weeks in a row (a small miracle). I always appreciate when people put their album up so I can see their actual book ideas, but now I appreciate it even more because I'm realizing how seriously difficult it is to have done in time!! ;)  

So, away we go!!
I am really loving the rounded corners look to match all the paper and journaling cards.. what do you think?

 I really love the Sharpies that I'm using to highlight things and make headings.

 Here's a long journaler by Ali Edwards which I think is totally awesome - details from my first psychic reading (lol) that I don't want to forget!

 I didn't take a picture of my psychic reading because it was nerve racking enough ... so here's the chicks card with another Ali Edwards overlay.  See? They aren't just for pictures!

 Monday I finally committed to going to Rally! Premier Designs Jewelry has a conference in Fort Worth Texas  in July ... super nervous but can't wait! :)

Tuesday Mom and I took the kids on a walk around the block. They needed to blow off some steam. This walk turned into a nature walk - it was super fun. Glad I brought the camera! For more click here.

 Wednesday Cullen would not stop tickling my feet in the kitchen - this boy is TOO FUNNY!

Thursday I took a pic of our lilacs. We have tons and tons of lilacs around our house and when they finally bloom ... it was worth the wait! Check out my other blog post just about our lilacs!

Friday I did the psychic reading (business card instead of picture today)

Saturday I was lucky enough to be able to head out to Grand Rapids! I hung out with Bryce, Syd and Sara all day. After Jimmy Johns, Target and a few hours in the office - we got a ton of what we call "geek/nerd talk" out. I LOVED it! :) We are all into Project Life, PhotoShop, Blogger, Pinterest .. you know ...  

Sunday Dad put up our American Flag. GOD BLESS AMERICA!! Counting the days until Jimmy is finally on the soil of the USA! :)

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Is In The Air

     Spring is in the air ... as is the smell of the lilac bushes! Ever since we have lived in this house, we have had tons and tons of huge lilac bushes in our yard. They are in full bloom right now and we can only hope it will last. The smell of all these flowers is just amazing. We actually came home from dinner tonight, got out of the car and it was all you could smell and even think about. It's absolutely incredible. 

Whenever I smell lilacs, I will always feel like I am home.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Trip Around The Block

A trip around the block turned into a nature walk today for the kids ... check it out!

Looking at pinwheels over the fence next door ...

Bumble Bee
Tons of ant hills...

 Pine cones...

A broken robins egg

 Another ant hill

Big sister and little brother ;)

We had a blast! :)

Project Life (May 9~May 15)

Welcome to my weekly Project Life Tuesday Post!

I am SO excited for this week - I've actually gotten my pictures printed, if you can imagine that! :) I've put (almost all) of them in my album and we are ready to go! Yes, my pictures including Sunday are a little ghetto - I fudged them so they look like it's there ... it's not - YET! But you can see where I'm going with this. I hope you enjoy it.

I've included some pre-typed journaling in the journal spots (created by Photoshop), as well as smaller pictures. Saturday I didn't have a picture so I just cut some of my "extra paper" that comes with the kit and taped my movie stubs to it :)

That's my album!  Below are the details - 

Monday I took a picture of the kids shoes all lined up in a row. They usually toss them over the baby gate, but they lined them all up by the front door today. Too cute how their little minds work.

 Tuesday We were beyond excited that we won Game 6! RED WINGS WIN 3-1! Let's go boys!

 Wednesday Jeff had softball - love these boys. We WON this game which was also very exciting ... well - for me, as one of two cheerleaders for the team ;)

Thursday I decided to go on a mini photo shoot. I walked around the yard and took pictures of all the flowers. Here's the other flowers I took pictures of! Check it out! Leave some comments!

 Friday I went shopping with Haley. It was her first day off of school! It's gonna be another flip flop summer! I found these awesome 50% OFF coupons online and Old Navy didn't know what was coming! I got some awesome deals!

Saturday the rain came in and I stayed in all day. I read my book, stared at the computer and TV entirely too long .. you know how those days are. Laundry days. Then later that night we went on a movie date night. We saw "Bridesmaids" (clearly my choice) ...but it turned out to be hilarious! We laughed through the whole movie. (Note: Do not see this with your parents. While Jeff and I can sit and appreciate the humor together .. your parents may not think this crude humor is as funny as we do)

Sunday Jeff took Haley and I to the Hoedown! 99.5 WYCD puts on a FREE concert in Detroit in Hart Plaza and BIG names come ... we went Sunday and saw Jason Aldean! Are you jealous yet? It was awesome. It was even better because it was raining and Sunday so that in itself weeded out a bunch of people! This picture doesn't make it seem as though we were too close to the stage, but it was GREAT! HOEDOWN - we had a blast.

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Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring's Sprung, The Sun's Up And Shinin...

Hey All!

In the past few days I have been thinking a lot about this awesome weather we've had here. I don't know about you guys but the sunshine has a direct correlation to my mood. Being thankful for the sunshine lead me to spotting flowers and plants everywhere - I've been a little more conscious of all the beautiful things growing this week and ohhhhh how I've missed the color. I went on a mini shoot in our yard and while running my errands -

Enjoy :)

And finally ... (for those who get the joke) ... it's gunna be another flip flop summer! 
**(Disclaimer - taken with my iPhone + poor lighting = blurry)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Project Life (May 2~May 7)

This week flew by .. partially because I was so busy, partially because there was so much to look forward to at the end of the week ... and partially because it was a short week!

On the first Monday of the month we go to a training to learn about new ideas and get recognition for what we have achieved the last month. Honestly, I haven't been good about going. I DID go this month! Here is my Premier Designs Jewelry mom, Sarah and I. She took the ladies at attended training on our team out to talk about a new contest for us. 
I love my job! Do you?

Tuesday I did daycare for my mom, she hasn't been feeling well :(

Tonight Jeff and I ended up at the library instead. Don't ask how, it just happened. Do you guys remember the library!? It's FREE... I feel like I've completely forgotten about the library (which I realize is insane .. but I did)! You should have seen us, like kids in a candy store: "Oh I bet they have a book about ...." "Help me find a book about..." it was so fun! Again, not an avid reader - but I was super excited about what I got.

So, we got Jimmy Johns .. walked around a little bit, checked out the Dairy King and came home to play frisbee in the driveway - I'm not a "chaser-after-er" so Jeff didn't want to play with me any more :) Let's just say I'm not the athletic type.

Wednesday's are going to be busy for a while. Jeff has:

Softball @ 6:20 in Ferndale and
Hockey @ 8:40 in Melvindale 

Want to talk about sports and driving around!? Good thing I LOVE both :)

Thursday mom had the kids in the yard teaching them about gardening. They planted "carrots and rashes" (carrots and radishes) and everyone got to help! For more on Gardening with Daycare  - Click Here!

Friday our best friend Jake married an amazing girl Megan. We celebrated all night - what an awesome day!
For more on Jake and Megan's wedding - Click Here!

Saturday I recovered from the super fun night before in the car. Grand Rapids or bust baby! I traveled across the state to go see my cousin and ... KENNY CHESNEY!! I'm telling you, my cheeks and voice still hurt from all the smiling and singing I did throughout the weekend! For more on Kenny Chesney in Grand Rapids - Click Here!

Sunday was Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day to all! Before we came home from Grand Rapids, we celebrated Bryce's 3rd birthday with friends and family. Here he is rocking out before his party!  My mom even came over to help celebrate and hang with the family :) So I didn't have to miss out on anything. Isn't she awesome? Yes. That night I went to see Jeff's Mom and Grandma before watching the WINGS WIN with Jeff and my Dad!! Check out this recap (written by our friend Mike) We're going to Game 6 baby!

I'm also adding two 8x10's to this week which will be front and back in a sleeve - below!

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