Thursday, May 5, 2011

Oscoda Weekend Update

Hey Again!

I wanted to fill you in on our weekend in Oscoda! It was freeeeeeeezing first of all (after the sun went down). But beautiful during the day.The weekend was supposed to consist of: electricity only. No heat, no water - but to my surprise the water guy showed up Saturday morning!! Yay! What do you call that guy? I guess he was a plumber ... ? I don't know but either way, it was GREAT to have a toilet when he left. Too up close and personal? It's the truth! haha. We spent a ton of the weekend watching the Tigers and the Red Wings which was awesome and relaxing. 

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Here's Jeff's family's cabin. It's one in a cluster of cabins.

Here is the firepit, swing and path down to the beach.

Here is the beach ... and Lake Huron! Nice and freezing :)

We went to the grocery store and got the stuff we needed to make burgers on the grill for Sat. night's dinner. Side note: Does anyone remember these from when we were younger?! They were smaller than this, and didn't have the fancy spout at the top - I think they just had rip off aluminum tin tops ... but I had a stroke when I saw these. Talk about blast from the past! They tasted like popsicles! But seriously .. do you remember!?

We went fishing Saturday afternoon after we bought everything for dinner. The water was super mucky and we didn't catch anything but - we had a fun time :) 

Jeff made burgers on the grill Saturday night - we had a whole spread. It was GREAT! We ate while we watched the Tiger's game (We lost - grr) and  then he made me a fire and I drank some wine ... it was the best day.

When we cleaned up and got ready to leave Sunday, we got G's Pizza for lunch. Then watched the Tigers at 3PM and the Wings at 7PM - lost both games, which sucked. Then we headed out and stopped in Tawas for ice cream ... it was AWESOME :) We walked around town and ate our ice cream before getting back in the car. 

It got to be in the 30's at night but during the day it was around 60+ which was beautiful. We spent the time relaxing, laughing and watching TV which was just what I needed after a long week.

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  1. Looks like a fun trip. Bonus for having a toilet! :)


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