Monday, May 9, 2011

Kenny Chesney in Grand Rapids!

This weekend was the best weekend ever ... starting off with Jake and Megan's wedding ... and then driving to Grand Rapids to see my cousin Sara and of course Kenny Chesney!

Grand Rapids, Michigan or bust! What a georgeous day to be driving across the state. 71 Degrees, windows down, sunroof open .. and Kenny turned up - the best way to road trip.

After the two hour drive (which flew by in no time) this is the beautiful sight waiting for me when I got there ... on the patio - a margarita. Today keeps getting better and better!

Sara has the house dressed for the occasion - LOVE IT!

All ready to go! It only took us two hours :) hehe ... Me, Emma, Katie and Meg!

Most of my pictures from the concert suck .. but here is one anyways! Awesome seats, friends, family and music - can't ask for anything more!

On the way home I got to drive Dan's pimped out Yukon ... I can now say I have driven a tank ... and want one!

We celebrated Bryce's birthday Sunday and Mother's Day before we all came home. What a great weekend. I know I had a blast!!!

Check out Bryce rockin' it out before the party! Happy 3rd Birthday Bryce!

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  1. LOVE this! :) I had so much fun. So glad you could come and party with us. We are sooooo doing this again next year!

    p.s. I'm loving your blog Tara!!! Great job.


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