Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Project Life (April 25~May 1)

I can't believe that the end of this week is MAY already - where does the time go!? I swear! I had a busy week, so I'll just dive right into the goods!

Monday I spent all evening working on updating my Project Life (printed) album ... finally finished - I LOVE it and hope I won't get so behind again! I will say that I enjoy working on it all at once, but there is a rush that comes once it's updated.

Tuesday Rossy found a robin egg when the kids were playing in the front yard. He was so careful with it and told us that a baby bird used to be in there. Seriously, could this boy be any more adorable?! 

 Wednesday I found this on my morning walk today - awesome? I think so! :) Spring is hopefully here .. but I am still not sold. Today I did daycare and was stuck in blogland most of the day. I talked to Sara and we worked on my blog a bunch :)

Later that night we were thinking of going to see the Ernie Harwell play but it didn't work out. I went to Jake's and hung out while he barbecued. Andy was over and before I knew it the few of us turned into a real shin-dig! Me, Jeff, Jake, Megan, Rich, Eric and Andy! I had a fun time. We just sat around his unfinished house chatting drinking and eating BBQ. When Megan got there we finished the names / seating chart for the wedding and then it was time for bed :)

Thursday - What a day. To many of you, this picture is a picture of my car. To me .. this is a picture of heaven. Today I went to the dealership, where they finally gave me A NEW TIRE!! That's right ladies and gentlemen - you are looking at a brand new left rear tire here ... I swear to you I've been there 10 times about the same dang tire losing air and they "couldn't find anything wrong with it". So finally I said, "dude ... how many times have I been here about this same thing" how many times do I have to tell you there's something wrong with it? They "checked" it one more time and "found" something ... now I have a brand new tire :) :) :)! I realize this is not something normal people get excited about - but I'm just not normal .. and oh so VERY excited :)

Make no mistake about it - today I have TWO PL pictures for you. Today is the very first day of blogging. Yep - it's true. I'm a blogger now. My first post happens to be about Project Life from last week ... but I will not be limiting myself to JUST PL, don't worry. I'm SUPER excited about this actually. My lovely cousin Sara designed my new blog and I'm happy to say Thursday was the day it was up and running!

Friday I got my book at Barnes and Noble for the weekend! Tonight Jeff and I are going to Oscoda .. I can't wait to get out of here!! :) (Like my smudge on the picture? yikes - sorry guys) - for more about today .. check out this post (Book Em! Let's Hit The Road!)

Saturday was the last day of April, can you believe it already?! Saturday morning we woke up (in Oscoda remember) and to our surprise, it was warmer OUTSIDE than it was in the cabin. I couldn't believe how nice it was outside, when I could barely leave my electric blanket inside! It was crazy. We got breakfast and shopped at Kmart (fishing licenses)- then went grocery shopping for our BBQ dinner, got some beer and wine for later and then went FISHIN' before the Tigers game ... No luck .. the water was SUPER mucky (dirty). But we still had fun. Then we grilled burgers and baked potatoes .. had coleslaw and ate in front of the TV. Jeff even made me a fire after the game! Best day ever? Yup!!

 Sunday welcomes May! Unfortunately we had to head home Sunday afternoon. Before we did, we had G's for lunch (PIZZA!) which was *AMAZING* and then came back to the cabin to straighten up. Seriously, check out this site and see if you are near one and immediatley get in your car. It's worth it. Jeff and I get the BLT pizza, with no T.  We watched the Tigers, then the Wings game and the headed into Tawas on the way home. We even stopped for ice cream at Marion's and walked around town for a little bit :)


  1. Welcome to the party Tara! Woo Hoo! Love your pics. Glad you had a good time up north. I was going to ask you how that "no electricity/water" thing worked out for you.

  2. Welcome to blogging, I LOVE how you made your page look like project life-awesome!


  3. Thank you Thank you! :) You guys are too sweet!

    The water was actually turned on for us Saturday, so we had a bathroom, yaaay!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog and welcome to the blogging world! I am now following you! Your PL photos are great!! I look forward to seeing more!

    Where is Michigan are you from? I'm from Toledo, OH. Just right over the line.

  5. Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Love your PL photos!

  6. Great blog!

    I love, love, love the pic of your new tire. Such real life - and I would be happy that they finally gave in and gave you a new tire. Go, you! :)

  7. I really am in love with Project life! I still scrapbook sometimes but now I don't feel so guilty if I an only write a quick entry here and there. I don't take daily pix but try to take something once a week!


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