Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Project Life (May 2~May 7)

This week flew by .. partially because I was so busy, partially because there was so much to look forward to at the end of the week ... and partially because it was a short week!

On the first Monday of the month we go to a training to learn about new ideas and get recognition for what we have achieved the last month. Honestly, I haven't been good about going. I DID go this month! Here is my Premier Designs Jewelry mom, Sarah and I. She took the ladies at attended training on our team out to talk about a new contest for us. 
I love my job! Do you?

Tuesday I did daycare for my mom, she hasn't been feeling well :(

Tonight Jeff and I ended up at the library instead. Don't ask how, it just happened. Do you guys remember the library!? It's FREE... I feel like I've completely forgotten about the library (which I realize is insane .. but I did)! You should have seen us, like kids in a candy store: "Oh I bet they have a book about ...." "Help me find a book about..." it was so fun! Again, not an avid reader - but I was super excited about what I got.

So, we got Jimmy Johns .. walked around a little bit, checked out the Dairy King and came home to play frisbee in the driveway - I'm not a "chaser-after-er" so Jeff didn't want to play with me any more :) Let's just say I'm not the athletic type.

Wednesday's are going to be busy for a while. Jeff has:

Softball @ 6:20 in Ferndale and
Hockey @ 8:40 in Melvindale 

Want to talk about sports and driving around!? Good thing I LOVE both :)

Thursday mom had the kids in the yard teaching them about gardening. They planted "carrots and rashes" (carrots and radishes) and everyone got to help! For more on Gardening with Daycare  - Click Here!

Friday our best friend Jake married an amazing girl Megan. We celebrated all night - what an awesome day!
For more on Jake and Megan's wedding - Click Here!

Saturday I recovered from the super fun night before in the car. Grand Rapids or bust baby! I traveled across the state to go see my cousin and ... KENNY CHESNEY!! I'm telling you, my cheeks and voice still hurt from all the smiling and singing I did throughout the weekend! For more on Kenny Chesney in Grand Rapids - Click Here!

Sunday was Mother's Day! Happy Mother's Day to all! Before we came home from Grand Rapids, we celebrated Bryce's 3rd birthday with friends and family. Here he is rocking out before his party!  My mom even came over to help celebrate and hang with the family :) So I didn't have to miss out on anything. Isn't she awesome? Yes. That night I went to see Jeff's Mom and Grandma before watching the WINGS WIN with Jeff and my Dad!! Check out this recap (written by our friend Mike) We're going to Game 6 baby!

I'm also adding two 8x10's to this week which will be front and back in a sleeve - below!

Check out The Mom Creative site by clicking the above logo - to see more Project Life Tuesday participants! 


  1. I LOVE Kenny Chesney, I saw him a few years back-he puts on a great concert. Funny, I went to a premiere party several weeks back and put it in project life,-bought a beautiful cross necklace.


  2. What a greata recap of the week! You had a BIG week! :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Hi Tara - thanks for commenting on my blog. By the way that cake WAS good! Love your collages you've included this week. They look great!


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