Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Introducing .... Duke!

I told you guys to buckle up right?
Introducing ......... Duke! 

A Marine Corps Puppy already :) 
Some pics on the way home <3 

Silly boy

I think he missed Jeff when he went for his run .. what do you think?

Here he is! 

Comfortable already

Sweet boy! Look at those ears ... and eyes!! :)

Duke loves to sleep on my feet while I cook in the kitchen

And he ALWAYS wants me to hold him :) 

Duke's first trip on base to see Jeff! 

Sorry I haven't posted in about a week! I've been busy getting used to this new life of mine.
I now have a job! I now have a puppy! I now can't get any sleep ... LOL Okay, after two or three sleepless nights, Duke is accepting his crate a little at a time. He hasn't cried ALL night in a few nights which makes me one happy chick. I NEED MY SLEEP. I had no idea I'd feel like that. Thank God we are getting over that bump in the road ...

I promise to try not to be a crazy dog person here on the blog. BUT.. how sweet is he???

And he's only eight weeks! <3

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