Friday, October 3, 2014

Where DID September Go?

September went by with a blink of an eye.
Seriously, I can't believe it's over. Here's how I did on my September goals:
(If no one cares about these goals, it's totally fine! Keep coming back! :) I just like to keep track .. it keeps me moving forward!) 

1.  Get a puppy ... eeeeeekkkk!!!!!! Okay, that's not a goal .. it's an announcement! -- We DID get a puppy! His name is Duke and we are in love.  ... he is a stinker ..just nine weeks old yesterday. He still nips and bites but it's because he's a baby .. he doesn't like to let me SLEEP .. but he's doing great in the short time we've had him! Read and see more of him {HERE} And also know, that I'm officially a loser dog person who's obsessed with their dog. 

2. Come up with a YUMMY dessert (not healthy!) to take to Jamie's when we visit for the weekend... Yes! I did this too. I've made [these] before, in Michigan .. so I brought them to the housewarming party and they were a huge hit if I say so myself ;) Oh! They were called "Monster Cookies" .. soft, PB, oatmeal, chocolate chip and mini M&M cookies! I DID forget to take a pic though. Go check out the recipe.  

3. Purchase a plane ticket home for CHRISTMAS for me? As I said before, there were a few things in the way of this one. I haven't done it yet. 

4. Get to mass (church) THREE weeks in September. Fail. I went twice .. I'm working on it. I need to find a mass I like the music at, here. I've been spoiled at home.

5. Send two pieces of "just because" mail to anyone I see fit. I love mail. I'm going to call this a win. One just because and one thank you note :) 

6. GET ON A LIFTING SCHEDULE! I'm lifting four days a week. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. This whole week I upped almost everything ... I'm REALLY excited about it! Who knew??!?!

7. Watch the stars in Joshua Tree at least once in September. Nope. I wanted to .. we've been busy ... September FLEW by and now that we have the pup we would either have to bring him or keep him in is crate at home while we go ... so it didn't happen :( But we will go again soon. 

1. Up the rest of my weights this week and moving forward. 

2. Keep couponing! The more the better! 

3. Get to mass THREE weeks in October (A carry over from September)

4. Find a dress for the Marine Corps Ball! EEeeekkkkkk! 

5. Buy at least two Christmas presents (Planning ahead so we aren't shocked with it all + travel expenses in December!) 

6. Celebrate being married 6 months, October 12th!!! <3 

7. Get to Joshua Tree National Park to star gaze. 

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