Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Missing Michigan, Loving California

We all knew it was inevitable. We knew it would hit. Here's my (short version) list:
- My family (Thank God for FaceTime)
- My friends
- My daycare babies
- Downtown Plymouth
- Fall Fest (I missed Fall Fest this weekend!)
- Jimmy Johns ('nuff said)
- Cidermill cider and donuts!!!! Our favorite fall treat and one of our favorite date nights!
- Having people stop by house, all the time
- Going to my regular classes at LifeTime
- LifeTime fitness classes with SUE
- A kitchen full of food that my mom bought :) 
- The fact that my mom had everything I could possibly need for just about anything I could be doing. Tape? Yep. Meat hammer thing? Yep. Every spice ever? Yep. 
- Everything being close to where I lived
- Target (omg)
- My own church with MY church family
- My paycheck! (Although, I got a job.. that's good news!)

- Not missing my husband every day and night, finally! I'm with him!
- Being a real Marine Wife
- Beautiful sunshine and heat almost all the time
- Exploring new places
- Setting up our house (& decorating!) 
- Keeping our own house the way we like
- Cooking in my own kitchen
- Keeping healthier foods in the house without anyone else bringing goodies in to tempt us
- Having people I know at the pool all the time
- Making new friends
- Seeing the mountains everyday
- Amazing sunsets over the mountains
- Stargazing in Joshua Tree National Forest
- Being close enough to see Jamie for a weekend
- Getting a puppy! I couldn't have done that living in my parents house in MI!
- Blogging more! I have the time and new stuff to talk about! 

So there you have it ... reasons I miss Michigan and reasons I'm loving California ... 

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