Friday, June 27, 2014

FLASHMOB for Emma and Jimmy's Anniversary!

My sister and bother in law were married 4 years ago, June 14th! {Flag Day!}
He was being deployed to Afghanistan. They had a nice courthouse wedding and dinner afterwards to celebrate their marriage but had to forgo a traditional wedding because of the circumstances.

So ... my aunt had the idea to do a flashmob and surprise them on their anniversary this year! We've always wanted to do something special for them ... so here it was!

Here we all were at the studio practicing the choreography! Many night were spent practicing to get this thing Jusssst right!

We all waited not so  patiently around the corner to get going! We had to hide so it was a surprise. What's a flashmob without the flash?!

It all went down in Downtown Plymouth. We had a BLAST. You can't really see them, but my sister and brother in law are sitting on the fountain and everyone is kind of facing them doing the dance! First all the dancers were doing it and at the end our friends and family came around and you could see E&J's faces change.. "whaaaaaaat???"

Emmas face: "whaattt??!!!"

 Tons of family and friends came to celebrate with them in the backyard!


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