Monday, June 16, 2014

Packing, A Haircut and The San Diego Zoo (again!)

So ... between Easter and Memorial Day I packed and packed and packed ... and worked of course. We were on the wait list for base housing and knew we had 1-2 months after the wedding to still wait.

So .. pack ...
and pack ...

and pack I did.

Lets just say, our basement looks a little crazy right now. 

One day Jeff called me and asked "Can we just have you come out here for Memorial Day weekend? We can afford it, can't we?" and my mind was made up. I was going on another trip to California. I hate being away from my husband .. and he hates it too so we decided I would fly out for his next weekend off. Memorial Day weekend was a 96 (he had 96 hours off) so he put in his request and I went back!

But not before getting my hair cut (yea .. that says Marine Wife)

Hopped on a plane ... landed in Palm Springs .. picked up my rental car and drove to Twentynine Palms to get my hubby!

Welcome to Twentynine Palms!

I got in, Thursday morning and Jeff still had class Thursday and Friday ... but I got there in enough time to see him on his lunch break! Yay!! 
Thursday night after school, I went at picked him up on base and we hung out at my hotel room. We watched TV and ate Subway and had a "normal" night together, it was so so nice! I did have to bring him back because he had school the next day though.
Friday morning I hung at the pool by myself ... but Friday afternoon after Jeff's class - the USMC put on a big BBQ and had a dunk tank. We watched the dunk tank forever ... it was mindlessly entertaining!
We stood in line for over an hour to sign Jeff off base and headed to San Diego again! We absolutely love it there! Here's my handsome husband driving us through the Joshua Tree National Forest.

More crazy Joshua Trees!

When we got to San Diego, you know we hit the zoo again. We actually saw the zoo from a different perspective this time thought. We took one of their free tour buses! 

You can't see it in this picture (sorry) ... but there is a baby koala on this momma koalas back! SO COOL!
This is already a kind of long post ... so the next one will be about our first Padre's game ... the beach and Sea World!!

I Looooooooooooooove being with my husband and I looooooooooooooove being in San Diego!

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