Monday, June 16, 2014

We're Adopting .... A National League Team!

When we were in San Diego (2nd trip) we wanted to get to a Padre's game ...
You know, to cross off another MLB stadium off of our bucket list!!

So, we've decided! We're adopting .... a National League team as our own! The San Diego Padres! We will always love the Tigers .. but we are officially Padre's fans (second)! It was an easy choice really, no matter what we can't be LA fans. It just wouldn't be right.

Hello Petco Park!!

The boxes in the gate were full of '84 jerseys that they were giving away FREE to everyone as they entered the game later that night!!! Fun fact: These were the jerseys that the Padre's wore in the 1984 World Series game when they lost against the Tigers!! 

Side note: My husband is SO handsome ..

Okay, back on track.. we also hit up Mission Beach and Sea World! SO MUCH FUN!!!

Pic by Jeff!!

Pic by Jeff!

Dinner at Outback after a long day at Sea World .. on our way back "home" to Twentynine Palms

Flew back home to MI the next afternoon :(


  1. OK! I love the beach pictures... thanks for all of that jealousy ;-) but secondly, explain to me on adopting a team?! Lol... I think I may be just an idiot :)

    1. LOL you're not an idiot .. I am!
      We are 100% die hard Detroit Tigers fans .. So we've decided to let another team into our family LOL .. It's gotta be a national league team because we can't have a competing team against the tigers .. Haha just a joke, a bad one apparently LOL ;)


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