Sunday, June 8, 2014

My First Visit to Twentynine Palms, CA!

About a week before our wedding date, I realized that the weekend AFTER our wedding was Easter!
So Jeff and I talked about it and looked at plane tickets and decided to go for it. We booked my flights to go see him for a long Easter weekend. He had time off school/work so we decided to make it into a little honeymoon! Plus, I got to finally see the base where we are going to live!

I flew into Denver, CO on my connection to Palm Springs. (Twentynine Palms is about 1.5 hours away from Palm Springs) I had never been/flown into Colorado. It was beautiful!

I had never seen snow covered mountains before this flight!
 I got into Twentynine Palms VERY VERY late at night. I was SO nervous to go onto the base. If you've never been on a military base, it's pretty intimidating. In the dark I pulled up to the gate which was bright as day with all their flood lights to a guy who had a giant gun and asked for my ID and paperwork. They were very nice to my surprise! I signed Jeff off the base and we went to check into our hotel .. I was so glad to see him, my husband!!!

Here we are the next day! I drove into down in 100% darkness so when we woke up, I got to see the mountains right outside our room! First picture on our honeymoon together :)
We had breakfast and then headed out of town on our way to San Diego. This was our view for about 45 mins!
A quick snapshot of our hotel, in Old Town San Diego!

First stop ... The San Diego Zoo!!

Me, on the Skyfari above the zoo! It was so cool looking down at all the animals!
The giraffes were probably my favorite. It was time to leave and they followed us as far as they could!

Having lunch on the water with my hubby!

We checked out the USS Midway Museum!
Up on top of the Midway!

Jeff really wanted to see the MCRD San Diego since we were there. This is where his grandpa graduated from boot camp. I can officially say I've seen both MCRD's!
We decided to splurge a little bit and this ended up being one of our favorite things ... a dinner cruise!

On the dinner cruise we got to see the San Diego Bay from the water! Spending time up top as the sun set! I loved it because it was an amazing view (both day and night) of the city .. and Jeff loved seeing the Naval ships and aircraft carriers. Win-Win!
San Diego skyline at night!

On the left is the USS Midway and the right is the restaurant we had lunch on the water a before!
We hit up the Gas Lamp District in San Diego one night ... bar hopping and walking around a clean, beautiful city full of night life was SUCH a blast ... and then being there with my HUSBAND made it even better!


THIS my friends, is a Joshua Tree. I took it in the car, which is why the top is chopped off.. but it's VERY famous around where we are going to be living. They are everywhere. The Joshua Tree National Forest is one of two places in the world this kind of tree grows. It looks like it is straight out of a Dr. Seuss book as far as I'm concerned ;)

In the morning before I flew out, I got to see a Gunnery Sergeant presented with a Navy Cross. While I didn't know this man, it was still a very special, interesting ceremony. They explained why he was receiving the award and it was truly special to be a part of.

So .. that was our honeymoon! We had so much fun at the Zoo and checking out the Midway .. San Diego was a little chillier than I thought, so I was glad I packed my sweatshirt for that lunch on the water! We loved exploring San Diego and our dinner cruise. I especially loved seeing the town and the base where we are going to live and finally getting to see where Jeff has been living for the past few months! I always joke though that Jeff and I could be at a funeral or in a rain storm and we'd still have fun... Leaving him in CA was hard.


  1. AH! That dinner cruise looks absolutely AMAZING! I'd love to do something like that eventually! :)

    1. I really was awesome! We LOVED it!!
      "Hornblower" was the company and they do dinner cruises all over! My parents are headed to Ohio later this month for a dinner cruise on a river somewhere? Awesome!! I should find out where! Maybe it's close to you!


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