Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jack-O-Lantern Time!

Halloween is almost here! Do you know how you can tell? I begged like a 6 year old asked Jeff to take me to the store to buy pumpkins! (Kroger = Buy one get one FREE)

Here is our front porch before:
( Please excuse the baby gate)

Here is our front porch after:

Much more festive with the Jack-O-Lantern's right? Right.
I taught the kids what a Jack-O-Lantern was and so we walked around the neighborhood investigating which neighbors had "Jack-O-Lanterns" and which "just had pumpkins" they are too funny "Thats just a pumpkin because it doesn't have a face!".. so now I feel like I can't just call them pumpkins anymore!

Here's all the tough work that went into those bad boys:

Yea, we carve the tops with power tools ... that's just how we roll. Last year Jeff and I carved pumpkins at a friends house (super fun) and we only had little 4 inch hand saws ..
Reality check: not everyone rolls like my dad.

Made quite a mess

Scooping all the guts

We had our traditional singing of "greasy grimy gopher guts" of course ... I'm starting to think everyone doesn't carve pumpkins like we do...

Used Mom's CutCo knives ...(see the whole block 2 pics above)

Light 'em up!

Me and my guys after a long night of pumpkin work ...
Note: This creepy mask in my dad's hand is a sick joke .. he hides that thing all around the house for me to find (in my bed, in the refridgerater, anywhere) and scream ... over and over...

October 2011

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