Friday, October 28, 2011

Crazy, Stupid Love

Has anyone seen this movie?

I saw it last weekend with a few girlfriends at the (cheap) movie theater.. Jeff was gone hunting so we thought we needed a girls night. This was the perfect movie for a girls night out!

Check it out! I think it comes out on DVD November 1st. It was the perfect amounts of funny, cute, romantic and serious... But I wouldn't see it with your mom ;)



  1. Um...Ryan Gosling??? Hello! I've wanted to see this. I think now I will. But not with my mom. Side note, totally saw bridesmaids with my mother in law. Not cool.

  2. LOL I can't believe you saw that movie with your mother in law! I would have sunk so far into my seat you wouldn't be able to find me!!!!


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