Monday, October 31, 2011

Crafty Halloween Treats!

Hey Everyone!

I wanted to share some Halloween treats that I found online and made up last minute this week. Check them out!

(Yes that's right ... Thing's I've pinned and actually gotten accomplished!! Woot woot!)

Project #1 - Witch Hat Cookies!
Nice and simple ... Hershey Kisses and Keebler Fudge Stripe cookies (upside down)
Can I take credit for this? Nope .. I pinned it here and made them myself for the kids!

Project #2 - S'more Halloween Fun Bags!
Ziploc sandwich baggies, graham crackers, Hersheys bars and Ghost Peeps!
I can't take credit for this one either... I pinned it here

They had a free printable on this site so I just stapled it to the top of the Ziploc full of the goodies!

One for each of the daycare kids ... (and their siblings)

 This poor little ghost didn't stand a chance ;)

Project # 3 - Goodie Bags!
Mom came up with these. These baggies said all sorts of Halloween words like ghost, goul, pumpkin etc.. and we filled them with suckers and fruit snacks. Each of them had a Avery label with the kids name and a little Halloween sticker. They turned out great!

 Project #4 - Pumpkin cupcakes (I didn't realize I had FOUR projects for this post! woo hoo!)
Inspired by these pumpkin cupcakes, I made my own. You might be able to see the creases of the pumpkin sides ... you might notice the cute pretzel pumpkin stem .. and you might also LOVE these cute little cupcake toppers my mom grabbed at the store. I LOVE them. They totally made them even better than I had planned.

Plastic pumpkin cupcake toppers are awesome because we can wash them and put them away for next year!
Frankenstien, Mummy, Bat, Witch, Vampire and Ghost are wishing you all a Happy Halloween!

I loved the Ghost the best.

This is what I had intended on making ... aren't they SO much better with the little pumpkin cupcake toppers?!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


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