Thursday, August 4, 2011

Project Life (July 25 - July 31)

What a long week ... or weekend rather - you will here about that as we go!

Monday Mom and I took our CPR class .. that's right, I'm certified in CPR, Infant CPR and First Aid ... I'm kind of a big deal ;)

Tuesday I was having the hardest time getting motivated. So I created a list to keep myself moving and not getting distracted. I find that making a list and crossing things off is the easiest way to keep motivated. If I do something that isn't on the list ... I write it and then cross it off!  Tonight I had my best Premier Designs Jewelry show to date. I'm SO proud of this show and can't take ANY of the credit. A family friend of ours invited a ton of people over and a TON showed up ... it was a really fun night. (Until I found out a close family friend had passed away, that is - someone I have known since I was born) So: no picture ...

Wednesday Two Premier shows in two days kept me pretty busy ... no Wed pic sorry peeps.

 Thursday of course I had the girls - it was a YUCKY day .. rain and heat - so we decided to go to the Mall... today ( for all of the "How I Met Your Mother" fans out there)  but really, we went to the mall. Build A Bear, Pet Store, Justice and the Toy & Games store .. a very successful outing.

 Friday evening we went to the viewing and scripture service for a very dear friend of our family. I will be putting in the prayer card that we got and not including a picture today.

Saturday we went to the funeral and then had a BBQ for Nathan's 8th birthday with the whole family. It was tons and tons of amazing BBQ food, family, kids, pool, sun and life - an interesting way to spend the afternoon after a funeral. Saturday night we took Alix out for her 21st - celebrating and partying ... it was one truly fun night. Thank God Jeff was there to take care of me afterward ... apparently I think I'm a rock star.

Sunday -  You might notice does not have a picture. It may or may not be that I spent all day recovering from Saturday ... you'll never know.

Check out The Mom Creative site by clicking the above logo - to see more 
Project Life Tuesday participants! 

Including my awesome cousin Sara!


  1. You naughty girl! Brutal!!! I even get my own link on your blog? Woot Woot! check out my last post. Super cute pic of you and Syd :)

  2. ...oh, and nice job on your best show ever! You are a rock star!


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