Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tara's Favorite Things

My favorite things? You got it! Here's a list of some things I love love love.
Disclaimer: I said things, not people.

1. My Iphone 4
It's unnatural that I use this one tiny phone for so many different things. My schedule and calendar, Internet, emails, texting, pictures, maps, contact information, baseball scores, paying bills, Ipod, games, video chatting, alarm clock, weather
... oh yeah and the phone calling part of it too.

Not only is this planner completely functional, but mine ... is adorable. (Green and white fabric). Franklin Covey has like one million options to make sure you have exactly what you need. Mine has a month at a glance as well as the weeks. The inside of the planner has multiple pockets and they are perfect for holding my business cards and a bigger one for mini catalogs, address stickers etc. LOVE IT. I just hope I can find a refill for this bad boy.

3. MaryKay Makeup
I love MaryKay products .. it's in my blood. BUT - I especially love these three things:
- Mascara: So comfortable to wear. LOVE the Lash Lengthening Mascara and for just $10 you can't beat that.
- Cooling Bronzing Stick: Seriously, try this you'll love it. Get it now, it's limited edition!  It's a bronzing stick but it has really awesome sparkles to it too. To quote MaryKay's website: "A cooling sensation and a refreshing touch of moisture make it a cool new way to wear a sun-kissed glow all year long." Just $20!
-Cream Eye Color: LOVE how easy this is to put on and love the way it looks all day. Apricot Twist and Glacier Gray are my favorite colors.
PS - you know how great this stuff is when I hardly ever wear makeup anyways ;)

4. Old Navy Clothes
Of all kinds. Especially their capris and shorts. Also starting to fall for their Fall Lines of sweaters ... adorable! Check them out!

How did I get all the way to number 5 without mentioning Facebook? I am on Facebook countless times a day. From my phone or from the computer - it doesn't really matter! I really enjoy using it for tons of different reasons. I like connecting with people that I wouldn't otherwise have the ease of keeping up with. I like being able to let people know the fun things I'm doing. Of course this goes without saying, but I love sharing pictures! (duh!) I also use it for business purposes too - Offering deals and letting people know how awesome of a company I work with (Premier Designs Jewelry)

I love this point and shoot camera. It's small enough to fit into my purse but takes good pictures at the same time. The only thing I DON'T like about this is the format of the camera card. This takes a Memory Stick Pro Duo which I think they may have changed for later models ... I prefer the normal SD card because it fits directly into my lap top.

Yes, I bought this laptop years ago but it's great. It's still kicking I love the 17 inch wide screen too! It's large but still portable!

I LOVE TO BLOG - But more than that, I love to read blogs. Here are some of my favorites that I love to follow:

~Peterson Stories - My cousin's blog. She is a Project Lifer too. Love the way she sets her posts up and of course how she writes.

~Becky Higgins Blog - If you don't follow her, you should. She's the founder of Project Life! She's great for product updates, sharing inspirational stories, projects, giveaways and much much more.

~Sunny Side Up - Love the stories out of this blog. She is a stay at home mom in California who loves to organize and spend time with her kids. I am always excited when there's something new on here - just for the fun of reading.

~The Mom Creative - Jessica Turner is a catch all. She hosts the Project Life Tuesday link ups which usually keep me inspired to get last weeks projects done. Not only that but she always posts information on deals - most of them mom deals .. and since I don't have kids they don't apply to me. BUT shes GREAT, crafty and loves a good deal and or freebie!

~Ali Edwards Designs - She has a blog, she has a week in the life project, she does Project Life Tuesday, she also produces digital files for purchase - this girls amazing.

last but not least -

~Eighteen25 - Lots of projects and giveaways on this site. These women are so crafty and love to give links for free printables and fonts. LOVE IT!

9. Tivo!
I realize now that I am spoiled and want to know WHO it is that chooses when things will be on TV. I would like what I want to watch, when I want to watch it and nothing else. Thank you very much! Life without Tivo ... is just NOT the same.
Might I add: Commercials? NO Thank you!!!
That's all for now because, well ... I have to get to bed. What are you favorite things?!

:) Thanks for reading!


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  1. I thought I knew you! After that blog I feel like I know you even better..:) Only bad part about it is that you didn't mention me as one of your "favorites" j.s.

    Love ya lots,...Aunt Terri


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