Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Project Life (August 8 - August 28)

Here's my BIG to my Project Life 
posts. It's been a while since I've linked up... it's been killing me to miss PLTuesdays!

Here are my pictures :) Some of them are funky. Later today I will be adding journaling, but for now I just wanted to get the pictures up.

Have a great day everyone!

Monday - I prepped 40 some invitations for mailing :)
I used this rolling pin to flatten them - if I had anything to do with it, these ladies were going to get an invitation AND a mini catalog all for just $.44!

Tuesday - Decided I was sick enough and for too long to ignore it any more. The doctor took a look at my throat and made a face. Then wrote me a script - THANK GOD!

Wednesday - Here is Jeff at his last (and probably first) batting practice. It's tough to get out there with traffic, so we aren't usually early. LOVE this pic - while it's a little blurry, you can totally see the ball and it's path haha! fun!

Thursday - Jeff took me shooting for the first time! Here I am at the range shooting his twenty two! I had a blast ... I may wear jewelry - but watch out, I'm a good shot! Jeff says he'll be a little nervous once I figure out how to load it ... then he's in trouble ;)

Saturday - Jeff and I found a range in Oscoda ... way more laid back and it's even cheaper! We were the only ones there for a while.

Sunday -  TRAVERSE CITY! If you haven't been there, GO. We have been going to TC since I was born ... and we still love it. Here is a view of our beach chairs ;)

Monday - Like I said, we have been coming here for years. This time I wanted a picture of our view, with a bit of the building. LOVE IT!

Tuesday -  My parents are adorable. What are they doing? I don't know. BUT they are super cute doing it! Here we are playing putt putt golf, a TC staple on the agenda.

Wednesday -  Here we are hanging in Frankfort for the day. Lake Michigan is so beautiful, I wish we spent more time there. Note: I DID get the lighthouse in the back ;)

Thursday - Here is the sunrise from our balcony... a beautiful sight for 7AM ... yes I went back to bed after taking this picture! Hey! What can I say? I was on vacation!!!

Friday - We went and found the Underground Cheesecake Co. which I had been wanting to try all week. Their lunch kind of sucked but their cheesecake did NOT! AWESOME!!

Saturday - Here we are hanging at the winery (another TC staple on the agenda). Aunt Terri even joined us for the weekend! She was needing a much deserved break from life too .. and Traverse City is JUST the place for that!

Sunday - SO GOOD TO BE HOME! Here's My guy .. and me of course. I had a great time, but it's just so nice to be back home again! Love this guy.

Monday - This is what my car looks like loaded and ready to go to a show! I realized that I had taken pictures of my cube before when I worked in an office ... now this is my office!

Wednesday - An interesting day to say the least! This morning I had Ella and Grace and we met some friends at the Spray Park! Then we ended our last summer day together with an ice cream :) Later that night I had Cullen and Maddie and shortly into our time together we lost power! A tornado watch.. or ... warning ... I guess I don't know the difference between them - a tornado something was going on! It was dark and so we ended up having a slumber party in the living room instead of their beds that night!

Friday - GIVE ME MY EMMA! This weekend we flew to St. Louis to see our extended family for our Great-Aunt's 90th birthday party. Here we are meeting Emma at the airport! So good to be back together for a little bit. (My parents haven't seen her since she left MI in June)

Saturday - My cute parents ... playing Ryan and I in washers. While he looks like he is in pain in the background (and he should have been .. Mom and I SPANKED them!) he's just laughing .. probably at all of his partner's SMACK talk ;)

Sunday - One last picture of the family before we went our separate ways.

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  1. Love the Emma picture. Yay!!!! So jealous of your relaxig TC getaway. Can't wait to catch up on our PL albums!

  2. Good idea using the rolling pen! Great picture of the loaded car too.


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